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Are dating shows fooling America?

“Love is Blind” season six flyer.

Season six of “Love is Blind” finally wrapped production on March 6 and viewers are raving about their new favorite couples. 

From “Love Is Blind” to “90 Day Fiancé” and older classics like “The Bachelor,” dating shows have attracted Americans for decades. Millions of viewers sit down and tune in each week to see couples meet, date and break hearts under discreetly placed cameras.

As fans are captivated by the drama-filled storylines of “Love is Blind,” the question arises of the show’s genuineness.

Jael Clarke, a sophomore biomedical engineering student and Mia Kerrington, a freshman business student noticed imperfections in the editing.

“I do believe it’s a little edited at least. Look at all the pauses and cutscenes throughout the show, not real,’’ Clarke said.

“It’s a little obvious. I believe some stuff is real though like the connections. I can’t speak for after the shows though, I don’t mind either way,” Kerrington said. 

The dating programs show people “falling in love” in a short period of time. After the cameras are off, it is up to the couples to maintain their relationship.

Some students aren’t convinced that the couples are staying together once the shows finish filming.

“I don’t think [they are staying married] anymore, but when I was smaller with older shows like that. I remember some couples staying married but I don’t know if they are still today,” said Isaiah Williams, a senior biology student.

“They for sure don’t stay together. I think they do it for the money and maybe flirt a little but don’t stay married. They don’t know each other like that,” Haylen Smith, a sophomore finance student said.

When it comes to the authenticity of dating programs, the goal is for couples to meet and stay together, but many don’t make it after the season finale.

In the most recent season of “Love is Blind,” AD and Clay proved to be a couple that keep viewers watching. Some fans turned to social media to share their disgust with Clay’s comments to AD during filming and don’t believe they are a match.

Some viewers followed the couple after the show and interviews with AD revealed that she and Clay are not together and most times were just flirting.

On the other hand, some couples stay together regardless of the questionable authenticity of dating shows.

Trista and Ryan Sutter, the first couple on “The Bachelorette” recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in December of last year.

When a new variation of dating show comes out, America’s viewers are entertained and ready for another season regardless if it’s genuine love.


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