Black and Armed

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Black and Armed

Jasmine Jones, Contributor

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No matter where someone lives in the United States, there is a possibility that he or she may result in being a victim of a crime. This is especially true for black and brown people.


Crime is defined as an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government, according to Webster’s Dictionary.  Based on this definition, most people will inevitably deal with crime. Usually, people commit petty crimes like jaywalking rather than federal offenses, such as murder.


Unfortunately, black people are committing both types of crimes at almost the same rate as whites, but are experiencing far more heinous punishments.  In most cases, they are not even convicted of crimes and but still face punishment.


For instance, in March Stephon Clark was shot multiple times for holding a cell phone, in his grandmother’s backyard because police “assumed” he had a gun. He did not commit a crime or act violent and was still murdered.  Compared to a white man in Fresno, California who jumped on a police SUV along with smashing windows and acting violently. Police took him down gently without the use of guns. This is the continued disparity among black and brown people and whites.

A new argument that is becoming popular for white people to use against black people is “black on black crime”  This argument is usually raised when a black person is upset about police brutality. A white person is quick to say “well you all are killing each other, right? Black on black crime is serious.” However, whites commit crimes such as murder and more offenses like white-collar crime as well.


Black people get thrown under the bus especially when a crime is committed even if the same crime is committed by another race it’s almost as if a black person does it, its worst. The negative perception of black people committing a crime hasn’t slowed down which leads to the term “black on black crime”.

Of all minorities, black people are typically the ones to face this kind of prejudice in the media, along with them not being defended. Recently, President Donald Trump stated that “it’s a very scary time for young men in America,” according to CNN. He continuously makes blanket statements disregarding the struggle black men face in America even to this day.


One would think this would be stated with the numerous amounts of police brutality occurring amongst black people,  however, Trump stated this in regard to the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh hence a white man holding rank.


Now is the time to stop the default excuse of Black on black crime as it does not have a true definition, but it is more of a forced narrative that is used to silence the black voice. No one hears “white on white crime” or “Asian on Asian crime.”


This is due to the perpetuating stigma against black people and we must work to end the continued prejudice we experience. Let’s focus more on crimes committed to high ranking officials and not just the pitfalls of black and brown people.