M.O.T.M. crowns its first Miss

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M.O.T.M. crowns its first Miss

Courtesy of M.O.T.M.

Courtesy of M.O.T.M.

Courtesy of M.O.T.M.

Desmond Wilkerson, Contributor

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The Brotherhood of Men On The Move organization (MOTM) conducted its first Miss Men On The Move Pageant on Nov. 19, in Harrison Auditorium.

The all male organization set out to find its Miss, whose responsibility is to introduce new ideas and input.

“This pageant is to bring in a woman’s perspective, giving the brotherhood the insight and connection that we do not possess as men,” said Niles Brooks, junior marketing student and co-marketing social media chair of MOTM.

Ten contestants in total were chosen to compete in the pageant for the crown.

The contestants are in friendly competition to display their ambition and drive to the audience. They were to also persuade the judges on why they would be the best fit for the 2018-2019 Miss Men On The Move title.

Opening the pageant, the contestants showcased their rhythm with a choreographed dance routine.

Each contestant showed their fierceness, confidence, persistence and resilience within the opening act. The support for each contestant in the crowd was abundant from family, friends and crowd members.

The ladies displayed their grace as they exited the stage for a short intermission to prepare for contestant introductions.

When the curtains revealed the contestants, their faces were lit with excitement across the stage to let the crowd know that they each meant business. Each contestant centered on the stage and introduced themselves and acknowledged the reason why they deserved the crown.


  • DeVone Gainey, junior journalism and mass communication student
  • Kaelah Alston, junior animal science student
  • Courtney Singleton, junior fashion merchandising student
  • Ryan Nunn, sophomore sports science student
  • Jade Woodward, junior industrial and systems engineering student
  • Nicole Lewis, freshman supply-chain management student
  • Carmen White, freshman sports science student
  • Jada Hyman, sophomore psychology student
  • Shaniya Witcher, junior psychology student
  • Naiya Smith, senior liberal studies student.

Now that the crowd and judges have learned the biographies of the contestants, they each prepared to showcase their career aspirations. The ladies foreshadowed to the crowd how they planned on obtaining their careers.

Career paths included sports anchor, veterinarian, fashion designer, athletic trainer, psychologist, CEOs of fortune 500 companies and even a Hip-Hop Librarian. Each contestant was proud to share their dream occupations and showed how important it was to fulfill the dream.

The final portion of the pageant consisted of a showcase of the contestants’ hidden talents and passions.

Just as there were a wide range of occupations, so was the contestants’ talents. Praise dancing, traditional dancing, tap dancing, singing, deejaying, spoken word and photography were displayed.

The final portion included the question and answer segment of the pageant. Each contestant showcased elegancy with their final walk and provided their best answers to the questions they blindly chose.

The judges tallied the scores and each contestant awaited on stage, hoping their name would be called for the crowning. It was time for the most anticipated part: the crowning.

Based on the scores, the 2018-2019 Miss Men On The Move was awarded to Jada Hyman.

“With it being my first pageant, it became stressful at times, but with the help of my pageant moms and sisters I gained a huge amount of confidence,” said Hyman.

“Winning was a humbling moment, and it reminded me that I can do anything I put my mind to. I look forward to using this position to positively impact my campus community!”

Additionally, each contestant was provided a certificate for participation. An announcement was also made for the winner of Miss Congeniality: Shaniya Witcher.

Congratulations to Jada Hyman and well done to the participants in the first annual Miss Men On The Move pageant.