Dragon Ball Super: Broly at NCAT

Elijah Mcclure, theSCENE Lead Reporter

On January 16th, 2019 the 16th Dragon Ball movie was released in theatres entitled ‘Dragon Ball super: Broly. If you are not familiar with the Dragon Ball franchise it has been around for almost 32 years.


Dragon Ball has become one of the biggest anime franchises in the world. Dragon Ball is about a Character named Goku who is an alien of a warrior race that goes by the name of a Saiyan’s who is sent to earth by his parents right before the destruction of his birth planet.


Goku then grows up on earth encountering different foe’s who wish to fight him and take over planet earth. The Main character of Dragon Ball Goku has practically become the face of all anime and manga alike. Dragon Ball z has become so world-renowned not only because of Goku and his iconic hair but because of all the action-packed fighting scenes they have.


When the Broly film was Announced late last year it drew in a lot of positive and negative feedback from the entire Dragon Ball fanbase. The reason being is because this would now be the fourth appearance of the character Broly in his own movie but this time with a new back story.


According to ‘Dragon Ball Wiki’ the original Dragon ball Broly film was released in Japan in 1993 titled ‘Broly the legendary super Saiyan’. In this film, Broly was originally born around the same time as Goku and hated Goku as a baby because he cried too much besides him in the nursery.


Broly was considered the legendary super Saiyan because at such a young age his power level was far greater than everyone else’s. Once the king of the planet was notified he had Broly and his father kicked off their home planet .years later he would see Goku and he sought out revenge from when they were babies. Due to the popularity of the original film, two more films would follow soon after entitled ‘Broly second coming’ in 1994 and ‘Bio-Broly’ which also released in 1994.


In ‘Broly second coming’ Broly returns from his Defeat by Goku to find that Goku was dead so instead Goku’s sons Gohan and Goten had to defend earth. Lastly, in Bio-Broly the evil Saiyan comes back from defeat in a cyborg form this time to fight Goten Goku’s youngest son and his best friend Trunks.


The evil character Broly is a Saiyan like Goku who is an alien who looks human but has an ape-like tail and he has the will to fight anyone who opposes him or his father. In the most recent film, Broly is a little different compared to his other films this time he has been rewritten and has never encountered Goku and company before. Instead of being bent on fighting Goku because of childhood history he was simply used as a pawn in this film to enact his father’s revenge because of his extraordinary fighting abilities.


In this new film, the animations were spot on so if you’re looking for good action and fast-paced fighting this is the best Dragon Ball movie you will have seen. The iconic super Saiyan transformations on the big screen blow you away and are nothing short of nostalgic. As well as all of your fan-favorite characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and the fusion transformation Gogeta.

Although the animations blew me away and made me proud to call myself a Dragonball fan the plot fell short in making more sense than the previous films.


North Carolina A&T junior Hakeem Norris he expressed his love for the movies animations ‘This has been one of the most visually pleasing movies I’ve ever seen’ said Hakeem. Personally, this film is in my top 3 out of all 16 Dragon Ball films.


Out of the 4 Broly films, I rank it second behind the Original Broly film. The ending of the movie left me wanting more action but also excited to see what will become of Broly’s character going forth in the next season of the Dragon Ball super anime.

My final verdict on this film is a 7/10 I still advise fans to see the movie in theatres for nostalgic reasons. Hurry and hit the theatres soon because tickets are sold out daily and the film will leave the movies soon. So grab your friends and go enjoy the action-packed Dragon Ball film Broly and like Goku always says later!