SUAB presents ‘shoot your shot’

Elijah Mcclure, Lead Reporter of theSCENE

On Thursday, Feb. 7th, 2019, SUAB will be hosting a Valentine’s Day themed event, “Shoot Your Shot.”

The event is intended to be a social mixer, allowing you to quickly meet someone you have known before or who has secretly admired you.

Want to take some chances?

Tell someone there how you feel on an intimate level, otherwise known as “shooting your shot.”

It gives you the opportunity to socialize with someone you may have seen on campus but you were too afraid to speak up.

It will raise questions such as what kind of conversation can be generated at that time?

Will the person you admire find you attractive or unattractive based on those few moments?

This could also be a good opportunity to find an actual valentine before Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day means a lot to some people so even if they are not your permanent Valentine why not meet you someone new and potentially receive some gifts for the holiday?

Come out to “Shoot your Shot” this Thursday. It will be held in the Student Center ballroom from 7 pm until 9 pm. Enjoy food and drinks that will be provided, and good luck shooting your shot.Lead