Father of 4 Album Review

Elijah McClure, theSCENE Lead Reporter

On Friday, February 22nd Rapper Offset one of the three members of rap group ‘Migos’ released his debut solo album. Offset’s debut album was entitled ‘Father of 4’ where we got to see a more vulnerable side of the rapper.


Offset took a different style of rap and a different role to start off his album. He told more personal stories of his life struggles and mistakes and how he became a father at the age of 17.


Offset’s opening song ‘Father of 4’ really set the tone for the entire album he talks about all 4 of his children and how having to take on the father role was difficult at first especially when he was unsure if his oldest child was really his.


In a recent interview with ‘The Breakfast club’ Offset admitted to not knowing his eldest daughter or the baby mother which was one of the hardest moments in his life.


He also talked about his criminal past and how the mistakes made him miss early portions of his kids’ childhoods due to all the mistakes he made with committing crimes such as burglary and selling drugs. Offset also talks about his struggles in his marriage with Cardi B.


He admitted that he fell short of being a good husband and father to his kids but he is still changing and becoming a better man.


Offset didn’t leave out the songs we are used to hearing him in, although his storytelling on this album is what made it so unique.


One of migo like songs that stood out to me was ‘Quarter Milli’ featuring Gucci Mane. This song had the usual offset feel with his catchy bars and of course, iconic adlibs behind them and Gucci topped it off with a quick but good verse.


Another notable song to listen to is ‘Legacy’ featuring Travis Scott and 21 Savage this was my personal favorite on the album.


This album was very well put together  Offset had his signature sound of course but it showed his versatility as an artist and lyricist.


Each Migo released their own solo album to prove that they were much more than just a rap group that couldn’t stand on their own and he did just that. He displayed lyricism, and storytelling two things that Migos are highly criticized for not having in their songs. The most unique thing about the entire album to me was the album cover.


The family photo with offset seemingly sitting on a thrown with all four of his children to me showcased his love for them and his dedication to being a father.


The Egyptian wall background gave the cover the extra attention it needed. Nian Avery Sophomore Journalism mass communications student stated that ‘ Offsets album showed his growth as a person and an artist’.


I agree that this album showed Offsets growth and talents by incorporating all those emotions he holds in into his music. Out of all three of the Migos solo albums, I’ll have to rank Offsets album second behind Takeoffs and Quavo’s last.


As an overall summary I’ll say offset’s album was very good it didn’t have a repetitive feel to the songs, and he showcased good storytelling and opened up to his fans and I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. I’m looking forward to hearing what other solo projects Offset and the other Migos will release in the future.