Students meet SGA candidates


Graphic by Elaijah Gibbs-Jones

SGA President candidates created "Meet the Candidates Rally" flyers. (Flyers from SGA Candidates' twitter accounts.)

Elaijah Gibbs-Jones, theYard Editor

The current Elections Committee hosted the annual Meet the Candidates rally. Candidates vying for positions during the 2019-2020 academic year were provided this time to discuss their platforms with students. The candidates also utilized games, boxing matches, posters, photo booths and candy to attract rally attendees.

Below is a list of all candidates running for a position. All unlisted positions are deemed vacant.

SGA President

Allison Gilmore

Skye Gregg

Angail Wiley

Vice President for Internal Affairs

Courtney Baskerville

Ashley Franklin

Jordan Kearney

Darius McDuffie

Vice President for External Affairs

Victoria Lawson

Attorney General

Brenda Caldwell


Aaliyah Wright


Miss N.C. A&T

Raven Hughes

Diamond Mangrum

Teeghan Wiggins

Mister N.C. A&T

Armani May

Karson McLeod

Elections Committee

Eliama Brown

Judicial Council

Yvonee Malone

Chelsea Green

Senior Class President

Celeste Cornelius

Devin Henry

Senior Class Vice President

Kelyah Spurgeon

Senior Class Treasurer

Antonia Bruce

Miss Senior

Jourdan Lisbon

Junior Class President

Kendall Rooks

Mister Junior

Amauri Liles

Sophomore Class President

Verdant Julius

Sophomore Class Vice President

Lena Van

Sophomore Class Secretary

Keyana Rose

Miss Sophomore

Raven Kelley

Nicole Lewis

Zaria Woodford

Voting will occur Wednesday, March 27, 2019 from 8a.m. to 6p.m.