2018-2019 SGA & SUAB Grades

We the people are responsible for grading our public officials.


The A&T Register annually assesses the Student Government Association and the Student University Activities Board based on each of the organization’s constitutions. This academic year, we have implemented a new method of assessment by sending a survey to the student body via email which allowed them to participate in the evaluation of their student leaders.


The student body evaluation allowed each participant to give a SGA e-board member a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F. It also allowed students to select up to 10 well known SUAB events they attended and assess them on the organization, turn out, entertainment, cultural relevance, and social interaction. The survey remained open for five days, April 1 – April 5, and more than 300 students participated.


The A&T Register has read and examined SGA’s Strategic Plan and SUAB’s Constitution in order to give both organizations an assessment based off of their work and not their reputation or idolization.


Below you will find student assessments on both SGA and SUAB, as well as a constitutional and strategic plan assessment given by the A&T Register.


SGA Reasoning

Political Engagement

  • Political action committee/chair
  • One political action week per semester X
  • One lobby day per semester in N.C. or D.C.
  • Increase voting rate by 10%
  • Increase registration rate by 10%
  • Two voter registration events
  • Political action week before midterm elections


Aggie Advocacy

  • Acquire a full Senate
  • Senate training
  • Working committees


Campus Engagement

  • Executive Communications committee
  • International Collaboration w/ on-campus events
  • Talk about It Tuesdays X
  • Family Fridays
  • Collaborate with The A&T Register X


Based on the careful examination of the Strategic Plan by the staff of The A&T Register, the Vandergrift administration receives a B+ for the academic school year of 2018-2019.

We noticed SGA failed to complete the following desired plans: Talk about it Tuesdays, collaborate with the A&T Register, acquiring a full Senate, and one political action week per semester.

When students evaluated SGA they received an A.


SUAB Reasoning



  • Provide Programs
    • Cultural
    • Social
    • Recreational
  • Primary student org. responsible for planning and implementing student activities
  • Enhancement
    • Social
    • Moral
    • Intellectual
    • cultural life



  • Member Duties
    • Upholding Constitution
    • Student Code of Conduct
    • Formulating and carrying out social, recreational, and cultural programs
    • report to and solicit support for SUAB activities
  • Full E-board



  • Keep an accurate account of monthly expenditures and reports  
  • Assist with Lyceum, February 1, and University Observances programs  
  • Market and promote all activities of SUAB  
  • Responsible for a photo catalog of all SUAB events  
  • Maintain the web page and all electronic mediums of communication X
  • Draft and conduct program surveys  


Qualifications and Eligibility for Service

  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • 80% of their attempted hours
  • NO Incomplete on a transcript
  • Good judicial standing

Based on the careful examination of the Constitution by the staff of The A&T Register, SUAB receives an A- for the academic school year of 2018-2019.

We noticed SUAB failed to promote the student evaluation for the assessment of both SGA and SUAB; therefore, they failed to maintain all electronic mediums of communication.

When students evaluated SUAB they received an A.