Netflix Vs. Hulu

Jasmine Jones, Contributor

What happens when you take two of the biggest online streaming giants and pair them against each other? Well, it could typically end in a huge debate depending on one’s taste.

We live in an era where our smartphones and laptops are in arms reach. So, it is no surprise when it comes to accessing our favorite shows and movies, we want something fast and efficient.

Out of all the streaming options out there, the two which have stood out the most are Hulu and Netflix.

What is so spectacular about the two, and is there really much of a difference between them?

Although each of the giants seems similar, they both have many things that set them apart.

Hulu is an American entertainment company that provides “over-the-top media services.”

It is primarily oriented towards instant streaming of television series, carrying current and past episodes of many series from its owners’ respective television networks and other content partners, according to

On the other hand, Netflix is an American media-services provider and the world’s leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries, according to

Unlike Hulu, Netflix is known for having no ads which allow viewers to enjoy their shows, movies, and other items without being interrupted with ads and commercials.

Besides not having ads, Netflix is also known for its popular “Netflix Originals” which are shows and movies that are catered and presented solely on Netflix.

Popular Netflix Originals throughout the years include “House of Cards,” “Hemlock Grove,” “Orange is the New Black,” etc.

Netflix has also been known for releasing popular, binge-worthy movies such as “Nappily Ever After,” “Bright,” and “Bird Box.”

One of the things that made Netflix stand out from most streaming giants was its release with its film,  Black Mirror: Bandersnatch which is an interactive movie that allows viewers to control what happens in the film.

Still, with their respected differences, the two giants still stack up pretty close to each other.

Although the giants possess similar features and almost seem the same, there is no doubt that Netflix is in the lead, according to Diffen.

Netflix possesses more subscribers and brings in more revenue than Hulu; however, Hulu is gradually catching up to Netflix by increasing its subscribers.

In its annual report, Fast Company showed that Hulu still has a stronghold with its major competitor Netflix.

Hulu added eight million subscribers in 2018, bringing its total to 25 million subscribers across all products (including its live TV offering). Advertising revenue grew 45% from 2017 to reach nearly $1.5 billion, and the average time subscribers spent on Hulu increased by 20%, according to Fast Company.

Fast Company also stated that Hulu also expanded its number of TV episodes to more than 85,000.

Although Hulu isn’t far from Netflix, there is one thing that puts Netflix in the lead so far in 2019, and that is Beyoncé

Netflix announced something special was coming soon, and shortly after Queen B did as well.

That special project entitled, “Homecoming” is a film about Beyoncé and her performance at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

It premiered on Netflix on April 17, 2019. Let’s just say fans went crazy and Netflix saw a boost in subscribers and revenue.

Ultimately, viewers will have to make their own choice when it comes to which streaming giant is better; however, when Beyonce is on your platform there tends to be no competition.