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Worst sports franchises since 2009


Now that the first half of 2019 is in the books, it is clear which franchises can be considered some of the most inept and poorly ran of them all since 2009. The franchises are listed in no specific order.

Charlotte Hornets

Championships: 0; playoff berth: 3; winning records: 3

Best season of the decade: 2016 (48-34)

The 30-year-old franchise has had their fair share of ups and downs since their incarnation in 1988. They went from plucky underdogs in the 1990s as an expansion team in Charlotte, to being repackaged as the New Orleans Hornets. Then there was the abysmal Bobcats era that included a 7-59 record during the  shortened 2011-2012 lockout NBA season. The Bobcats/Hornets are the most “winning-est” team on this list, but when they aren’t squeezing into the Eastern Conference playoffs, they’re pretty bad. In an ironic twist, they have the G.O.A.T. in their front office, Michael Jordan, but it’s too bad he’s one of the worst owners/executives in the league. The Hornets had two seasons to trade point guard, Kemba Walker, to get a jump-start on another rebuild behind new assets. They failed. At least they have power forward, P.J. Washington, and point guard, Terry Rozier.

San Diego Padres

Championships: 0; playoff berth: 0; winning records: 0

Best season of the decade: 2010 (90-72)

The Padres have had only one season over .500 since 2009 which was in 2010 when they finished 90-72 and finished two games back of a playoff spot. The Padres have only 5 playoff appearances since their arrival in 1969 with their last appearance being in 2006. This has to be eating the San Diego fans alive who lost the Clippers and Chargers to Los Angeles in basketball and football, respectively. The other franchises were more respectable than the Padres ever have been when they left town. The Padres won’t leave any time soon, but at this point should we care? There is a another city that could use a baseball team (hello, Montreal!) — at least they have Manny Machado now.

Cleveland Browns

Championships: 0; playoff berth: 0; winning records: 0

Best season of the decade: 2018 (7-8-1)

The Browns have been the definition of inept since the start of the millennium. 

They have infamously started 29 different quarterbacks since 2000, with 19 of those being since 2009. The Browns also have had a hopeless 41-118-1 record since 2009. Former Chiefs GM, John Dorsey, has seemingly turned the franchise around on paper as Cleveland finished 7-8-1 last season behind No. 1 overall pick quarterback Baker Mayfield. They have also acquired several pro bowlers including Odell Beckham Jr., formerly of the New York Giants. Hopefully, the Browns can alleviate the “schleprock” they’ve been carrying and reach the postseason for the first time since 2002. They have a very good chance to make it to next season’s playoffs…on paper.

Phoenix Suns

Championships: 0, playoff berth(s): 1, winning records: 1

Best season of the decade: 2010 (54-28)

If this list was, “Worst franchises since the start of the millennium,” the Suns would not be on the list. From 2000 through the end of the 2009 season, the Suns made seven postseason appearances and had two Western Conference Finals berths. They birthed the seven-seconds-or-less offense and Steve Nash won the NBA MVP in 2005 and 2006. Since the 2009-2010 season, the Suns have made one playoff berth which was a trip to the 2010 playoffs that led to one more Western Conference Finals appearance. Since then, the Suns have finished last in the West four times. The poor front office decision-making has put the Suns in a decade-long rebuild. For context, the Suns drafted Alex Len fifth overall in 2013 when Giannis Antetokounmpo was available and Igor Kokoškov was hired as head coach — to many people’s surprise.  

Buffalo Bills

Championships: 0, playoff berth: 1, winning records: 2

Best season of the decade: 2017 (9-7)

It’s hard not to feel bad for the city of Buffalo, NY. They lost their NBA Franchise, the Braves, in 1978, and from 1990-1993, they lost four consecutive Super Bowl appearances. Now, factor in the fact that the Patriots own the AFC East division. The Bills only have been to the playoffs once this millennium which was in 2017. At this point, the only place to go from here is up. The Bills finally have their franchise QB of the future in Josh Allen hopefully they can make something shake as the loyal fans of Buffalo deserve better.

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