20 Questions 9-27-19

Carrington Harris | Design Editor | The A&T Register


  1. Deleware State who?
  2. Was it a rat? Grasshopper? Or bat?
  3. Is Trump finally getting impeached?
  4. Do y’all know who your Vice President is?
  5. Do y’all like DaBaby’s new Album?
  6. When did DaBaby get married?
  7. NCAT22 can y’all calm down?
  8. Where are we supposed to park?
  9. Have y’all seen Hakeem Shabazz-Norris’s new yearbook project?
  10. Who bought the new iPhone?
  11. NCAT are y’all still ghetto?
  12. Did y’all register to vote?
  13. Y’all ready for midterms?
  14. Is fall break here yet?
  15. Have y’all used your three absences yet?
  16. Y’all still got flex?
  17. Mysterious chemicals in the water?
  18. Y’all got your GHOE fits yet?
  19. Is Ms. A&T going to win Miss National Black College Hall of Fame?
  20. Are y’all tired of these questions yet?