HBO hits hard with Euphoria


Courtesy of HBO

Morgan Williamson, Contributor

HBO’s Euphoria gives a real world perspective of the life of a teenager as the first season wraps up.

Euphoria is defined as “a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.” However, this television show is far from displaying happiness as it is a dark themed teen show. 

Through the creators of director Sam Levinson and executive producer Aubrey “Drake” Graham, Euphoria follows a group of high school students and their experiences with sex, drugs, love and trauma. 

First airing on HBO in June, the show stars actress and singer Zendaya as the lead character, Rue Bennett. 

“HBO does not release streaming numbers, but Euphoria drew the largest premiere audience for a scripted regular series on HBO NOW since Westworld,” according to an article by Nellie Andreeva at Deadline Hollywood

Each main character struggles with issues teenagers face, which creates a sense of relatability to their audience. 

The characters combat several problems. 

For instance, Rue is a recovering drug addict, who has returned from rehabilitation due to an attempt to overdose. 

Angus is the local drug dealer. Nate is an athlete struggling with anger issues and sexual insecurities.  Meanwhile, Kat is also insure as she battles her body image.

Every episode explains each character’s issue as well as connects the characters in a unique way. 

Although the issues vary, drug addiction is the main focus of the series.

“It might not be every teen’s story, but it’s a story that hasn’t been told quite like this in a while.” said Tim Goodman in an article for The Hollywood Reporter.