An inside look at DaBaby’s “KIRK”

Courtesy of A-Side Entertainment

Courtesy of A-Side Entertainment

Raven Brooks, Contributor

Last week Jonathan “DaBaby” Kirk released “KIRK,” which is his second album in 2019. 

In this project, he provides his fans with more details in terms of his personal life and emotional battles.

DaBaby starts the album by telling the story of his father’s unexpected death.

The American rapper’s father died the same day DaBaby’s single “Suge” went No. 1 on Billboard’s mainstream R&B/hip-hop charts, according to Alphonse Pierre, Pitchfork staff writer.

This is also stated on DaBaby’s single, “INTRO,” which is also the first song of the album. He also recognizes he received the news a couple days before his tour began, and the same week of hip-hop mogul Nipsey Hussle’s death. 

He spent $100K covering the expenses for his father’s funeral. 

In the same song, he expresses his surprise at the fact that he performed at the BET awards and a year ago he could not afford a sandwich.

His relationship with his family is key in DaBaby’s life, and this album showcases it.

“I go out to eat with my kids and my Mama, you know I ain’t dating no —-,” DaBaby said in the hook during “OFF THE RIP.” This made it clear how close he is to his family.

DaBaby grew up in poverty while witnessing his mother work two jobs. He did not want his family to have the same experience, so he did everything he could to provide for them. 

Rapping brought him wealth and he recently invested $30K in a birthday party for his daughter. 

Not only has he freed his family from poverty, but he is now a real estate investor. 

He is also focused on building his own label “Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment,” according to Ogden Payne, Forbes contributor.

Supporting those who support others is essential, according to DaBaby. He also does not appreciate when people speak on others being broke. 

“Man, I’m so tired of ——— talking ‘bout who broke, like we ain’t all come from the bottom. We came up. I give them hope.” These lyrics from his single “THERE HE GO” helps listeners see he understands what coming from nothing is like.

In the same single, DaBaby explains that he enjoys finding new ways to generate revenue, and does not discredit anyone working to create better for themselves. 

He wants to lead by example and provide hope to those living in poverty. 

“But I don’t knock your hustle, get it out the mud, I been there” said DaBaby in “THERE HE GO”.