EarthGang takes listeners to “Mirrorland”

Madison Lawson, Contributor


The duo recently released their third studio album- and first studio album under J. Cole’s Dreamville Records- Mirrorland on September 6th. EarthGang has been producing one-of-a-kind music for over a decade.

As members of Spillage Village they had been associated with the underground sector of hip-hop, but with their more recent signing to Dreamville, the group has begun to make some noise in mainstream hip-hop.

Two years of singles, EPs, and features led to the development of an album characterized by the unique flows and sounds that drew fans to the twosome in prior works.

Mirrorland is an album that reflects their home and journey as artists.

“It’s really colorful. It’s really dangerous. It’s really trippy. It’s literally Freaknik Atlanta in the summertime-”. said Olu in an interview with Pitchfork that the duo attempted to create a world akin to that of The Wiz.

Mirrorland opens with ‘LaLa Challenge’ and between Olu’s strangely alluring voice and flow, WowGr8’s lyricism, and the comical outro, it is obvious that EarthGang did not come to disappoint.

As listeners go through each track, they experience what appears to be a dedication to sectors of their Atlanta upbringing: tracks like ‘Up’ and ‘Bank’ brag about their progression from underestimated and naive, to their current stardom and wisdom; while songs like ‘This side’ have a more somber and reflective tone.

The duo also included artists like Young Thug, Arin Ray, T-Pain, and fellow Spillage Village member Mereba in their story.

‘Wings’ is the perfect conclusion to the album and the duo’s journey through Mirrorland, as the chorus establishes it is about the duo still finding a way to spread their wings.

Almost a week after the duo released Mirrorland the duo is being compared to the infamous Atlantic duo ‘OutKast’.

It is impossible to praise EarthGang without acknowledging their resemblance to OutKast: both groups are comprised of two very different men from Atlanta, and both groups produce music that is more experimental than their peers; but the comparison should stop there.

While they understand that the comment is often meant as a compliment, they insist on being referred to as the the first EarthGang, not the new OutKast as they took to instagram to clarify.

Performances like their ‘Colors’ performance of ‘Up’-which appears on Mirrorland- and their discography are exhibitions of their authentic and unique presence.

Olu and WowGr8 are undoubtedly two of the most talented artists we have the pleasure of witnessing in our lifetime.

From their very first project ‘Shallow Graves for Toys’ to their newest release with Mirrorland, EarthGang never fails to provide current and prospective fans with a transformative listening experience.