Aggie Dome to permute to sports facility


The Dome was a campus staple for the university until it was closed in 2018.

Quisha Booker, Contributor

N.C. A&T will renovate the Aggie Dome to an athletic training facility.

A &T announced on Jan. 24 that the Aggie Dome will be renovated into an athletic training facility. 

The center is a 12,430-square-foot building and will serve as an indoor training facility for the Aggies softball, baseball, golf, and cheer teams. The facility also provides a space for N.C. A&T’s Army and Air Force ROTC programs and the Department of Kinesiology. 

N.C. A&T opened the Aggie dome in 2015. It was a temporary food court that the A&T students used for three years while the new Student Center was being built until opened in 2018.

The university made a statement saying, N.C. A&T will be the first university in the Mid-Eastern Athletic conference to have an indoor sports performance facility.

The building will be named after the class of 1975 alumni Carolyn Harrison Glover and Darnell Glover Sr., who are a longtime Aggie Athletic foundation supporters. The Glovers both earned degrees in business administration.

Darnell served as Vice President of the Aggie Athletic Foundation, and he retired as a senior manager for Allstate Insurance Co. He was a four-year Aggie Letterman in wrestling and also earned first place in the 1974 N.C. A&T Invitational. 

Carolyn Harrison Glover retired as a human resource director in Roanoke, VA and earned a master’s degree from Hollins University.

The Glovers said they always believed that N.C. A&T is an institution that encompasses major achievements. 

Concerns regarding the Aggie dome’s future transformation has been voiced by students who struggle to find parking during the school week. Michael Butts, a junior studying animal science commutes from High Point to attend classes shared his opinion:

“The University needs to focus on more parking spots for students who are late for class due to limited parking spaces,” he said.

Butts’ frustrations are also shared with Dante Hamilton, a senior studying information technology who would like the dome to be transformed into a band room.

“The band room is not well supported and it would be nice if A&T funded the band because they are one of the most important elements at our school,” he said.

“I thought the plans were to convert the space back to parking,” said Carl Baker, Executive Director of the Student Center. “With the increased energy and retail venues in the Student Center, additional parking is truly needed to support those operations. I am not sure what the long term plans are, but hopefully, it will work out for the decision-makers working with these projects.”

N.C. A&T are making progress to retrofit the structure and adding new training equipment. N.C. A&T said in a news release about the upcoming changes that the renovations are in progress but a date is to be determined.