The 10 ‘Must Watch’ Shows on Netflix

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Devin Townsend, Contributor

Dead to Me

Christina Applegate stars in this dark-comedy drama as a sharply recent widow, Jen, who is trying to cope with the loss of her husband after a tragic accident. 

Linda Cardellini co-stars alongside Applegate as her grief confidant, Judy, who is struggling with a loss of her own sanity.

Have you heard the old saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you?” Well, Judy may change your mind, because she is holding an alarming secret. 

Judy killed Jen’s husband. The two give the show killer performances (pun intended) while touching on depression and grief matters. 

Be careful though, the eight episodes go by so fast you’ll hate there isn’t more. 



Shows like this continue to reiterate the lesson that “Breaking Bad”isn’t as easy as one would think. 

The Bryde Family is in trouble when the father is threatened by the head of a Mexican drug cartel to pay his dues. If the father cannot pay, then the entire family will be killed.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney mastermind this money laundering drama that takes place in the Ozarks with lies, murder, betrayal and deceit. The show has all of the makings of a true guilty pleasure that takes a few twists and turns along the way. 



In this show viewers meet Joe. Joe is a psychopathic lovable narcissist who fans can’t stop and won’t stop watching.

Joe meets a girl who has undeniably sparked his interest due to the mystery about her.

This show was originally launched on “Lifetime,” but audiences didn’t fully attach themselves to it until it came on Netflix during its second season in December 2019. 

Penn Badgely plays Joe and his performance kills and chills throughout the show with his methodically manipulative hunt for women, men, and maybe even YOU.


My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

The retired host is back on television, but not as the late night host so many know him to be. In this interviewing series, Lettermen is joined by household named celebrities that truly need no introduction. 

Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Kanye West and many more join Letterman in noteworthy conversation. 

Audiences are generally happy to see David again and it looks like Netflix is too since he is in his second season. 



And the category is: EMMY. This FX original made its runway to Netflix and though it only has one season, that’s just enough to grab the viewer’s attention.

The New York based 1980s show glamorizes fashion shows, vogue and drag queens in a drama oozing of LGBT+ ferocity.

Visionary Ryan Murphy tackles the gender-nonconforming culture and LGBT+ stories and lifestyles of that period.

The ensemble includes the talented Billy Porter, MJ Rodriguez and Dominique Jackson, but all of the performances score 10s across the board. 

The Emmy-nominated show has one season on Netflix, and there has been no word yet on the arrival of season two.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

When first re-introduced, it was assumed that this would be a reboot of the widely popular late 90s show “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” starring Melissa Joan Hart. 

Obviously, Netflix had other plans because this spellbinding horror series rips the original narrative in half. 

In the new series its darker, grittier and dare say, scarier than one could expect. 

Sabrina (played by Kiernan Shipka) is battling with teenage troubles while also combating evil forces threatening her and her family. 

She is half-witch and half-mortal, so one could only imagine the kind of spells bubbling over from the Spellman family. 


The Circle

In what many are calling “Big Brother” meets “Catfish,” the United Kingdom based show turned out to be a hit. 

The show expanded to America in what Netflix titled “The Circle,” a reality competition series that tests strategy. 

Contestants move into the same apartment building, but they never meet each other face to face.

They communicate through a specially-designed social media app that allows users to create profiles however they choose. 

Throughout the game, contestants rate each other based on their identity with the lowest rated player blocked from the game and the building, which causes them to return home. 

This social experiment allows the winner to receive $100,000—a pretty good prize to just have to beat out eight other people. 


Russian Doll

Nadia can’t seem to figure out why her day keeps repeating, not to mention she keeps dying in the process. 

As the show continues, Nadia is determined to figure out what is the cause of this never-ending sequence of events that occurs during a party.

Star and co-creator of the show, Natasha Lyonne, plays a pretty funny and forward thinking woman who is trying to put together the pieces. 


Stranger Things

If you haven’t seen this show yet—I don’t know what you have been doing. 

The sci-fi juggernaut based in the 80s centers the story around five pre-teens in the town of Hawkins. When one of them goes missing, the others are determined to find him and the cause of his disappearance.

The show is filled with mystery and wonder as extra-terrestrial monsters threaten the very livelihoods of this little town. 

The “Upside Down” is nothing like you’ve ever seen before as this dimension of some sort is creeping into the real world. The show is an ideal example of how a series should be with each season being better than its successor, which is truly hard for any writer to continue to do. 

The show is three seasons and Netflix teased the fourth season with a reveal of a character viewers thought died. 

Netflix struck gold in nabbing this show as it has turned into a cultural phenomenon. 


Rhythm + Flow

The music competition series borrows from shows like “The X-Factor” and “American Idol” by finding the hottest rappers in the country. 

Hosted by Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Cardi B and Chance the Rapper, the show brings the future of rap artists together to compete for a chance to win money and a record deal.

The show is wildly entertaining as the hosts spare no punches in critiquing the quality of song, lyrics, stage presence and personal branding. 

The concept of the show has been done multiple times but the execution and the demand for attention makes the show stand apart.