An insight from N.C. A&T students of their semester


Ashleigh Jackson, Contributor

Students from all over the world attend N.C. A&T. However, Covid-19 has made students decide to take online classes or choose to take classes in-person. 

Although Chancellor Harold L. Martin implemented safety precautions that follow the CDC guidelines and enforce the 3 W’s: wear, wait, wash, and having smaller class sizes that meet once a week; some students do not feel comfortable coming to campus.

Many students decided to stay home because they felt this semester would be a waste of money because it would not give them a typical college experience. 

Jala Berry, a sophomore communications student said that she decided to stay at home because the majority of her customers reside in Charlotte, therefore, she has decided to stay home to continue to grow her business.

“Honestly, I was just looking at the money and under the circumstances, I didn’t think I was going to get a real college experience and it wasn’t worth the money,” Berry stated. “I think that staying home was a better decision for me because of the amount of money that I saved, my refund check was bigger and The Qween Effect has a larger clientele here.”

It is certainly safe to say that finances played a large determining factor in students deciding whether to stay home and partake in online school or attend campus.

Niya Whitehead, a sophomore psychology student from Atlanta, GA said that she had to do online classes at home or have her classes in-person and pay for her college experience.

“My mom didn’t think there was any way to go back to college safely and she was extremely against the idea so much so that she said that she would not pay for my tuition if I went back,” Whitehead said. “Therefore I would have to take out a loan and to be honest, since it was going to be my own money, I decided it was not worth it.”

There were a variety of answers when the students that stayed home were asked if they felt like they were missing out.

Justus Locke, a sophomore business administration student jokingly stated that he did not feel as if he was missing out and that staying home was better for him.

“The only thing I’m missing out on is catching the Rona” 

Gabrielle Marsh, a  junior mechanical engineering and applied mathematics student agreed and stated that she didn’t feel left out of any activities on campus considering that she is currently involved with some other organizations. “No, I don’t think that I am missing out on anything,” Marsh said. “I am still involved with on-campus organizations and doing community service so that keeps me in the loop of things.”

However, the majority of the students that decided to attend classes in-person do not regret their decision besides campus being different than how it was in previous semesters.

Simone Tezzo, a sophomore pre-nursing student, said that she does not regret coming back to campus because she feels as if being away from home is a better environment for learning.

“I do not regret coming back,” Tezzo explained. “I focus better here and my friends are here.”

Jordan Givens, a sophomore civil engineering student explained that he needed to come back to campus because he felt in order to succeed in his major, he needed to take classes in-person. He is involved in multiple organizations and felt that he would serve them better if he was actually on campus.

“I chose to come back primarily because some of the classes that I need as a civil engineer was in person. In addition to that, I wanted to be on campus because of the organizations I’m in and the other ones that I wanted to join,” Givens said. “I hold a leadership position in Men On The Move and I wanted to make my presence felt in the National Society of Black Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers, organizations revolving around my major.” 

Overall, students from opposing sides felt as if they made the best decision for themselves. Students are expecting the next academic year to improve so everyone can enjoy student-life as in previous semesters. But, next semester appears as if it will be similar to the fall 2020 semester because N.C. A&T has taken away spring break from the spring 2021 academic calendar and the official N.C. A&T website states that the 3 W’s will continue to be enforced.