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Being an Athlete at an HBCU


For over 50 years, the progression for athletes playing sports at a Historically Black Colleges and Universities has increased tremendously.

Jordyn Sosa, a cheerleader and sophomore biology student at N.C. A&T, feels that it is pretty surreal being an athlete at the nation’s largest public HBCU.

“It’s already very challenging to obtain a position on these teams or any sports team at the collegiate level, but I know what I do now will affect those that will come after me.” Sosa said.

“Being able to be a collegiate cheerleader is such an honor in and of itself. As a team, we always want to help our community out and do community service projects.” Sosa said. “It means so much to me that I’m able to help out the community and show that the A&T cheerleaders care about the surrounding community.”

The advantage that African-American students have when attending an HBCU is the support from so many people. At N.C. A&T, Aggie Pride is something that the staff, alumni, students, and incoming students all seem to have. They are so proud to be an Aggie and showing an incredible amount of support to the school through every generation. Sosa loves that she can experience it first hand by being an athlete.

“My favorite part about being an athlete at an HBCU would have to be the amount of support we have when we make simple appearances. When appearing around campus or in the GHOE parade, we receive such an immense amount of support from spectators and it’s amazing”, Sosa said. “A lot of people don’t even consider cheer a sport, but we work so hard to look great and make it look easy. So just being supported by the student body, alumni, family, etc. is one of the best parts.”

The common thing that is shared when attending an HBCU is a deep sense of pride. Black culture is celebrated and embraced. Sporting events on campus always have a huge turnout from students showing their excitement and love. 

Sosa has experienced such an amount of pride by attending N.C. A&T, and having the opportunity to be a part of a team. Although she faced many challenges, there isn’t anything that she would change. Recognizing that it is really special being a cheerleader at a place that has birthed so many great people.

“Being a cheerleader at A&T has been one of my favorite parts of being at the school,” Sosa said. “I’m able to represent the school’s spirit at every game and appearance we attend. I love this school so much and I absolutely love being able to display my love and spirit for this school by cheering on other sports teams on the court or on the track.”

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