Aggie Rack hosts its official opening at the Aggie Source facility


Jamille Whitlow, Managing Editor

The Aggie Source facility hosted a public opening for the Aggie Rack, a place that houses professional wear for men and women. Established spring 2021, due to COVID-19, Aggie Rack did not have an opening celebration. 

However, students were able to receive guided tours from volunteers and staff of the Aggie Source building, which houses the Aggie Source Food Pantry and Aggie Rack. 

Christian Clark, senior political science student minoring in public relations is a student coordinator and volunteers for the Aggie Source. He has worked for the Aggie Source for the past three years and attributes its success, including Aggie Rack, to two people.  

“It was just an idea that was presented by Dr. Dawn Murphy, who is a great and integral part of the Source’s creation. Now we are under the great leadership of the coordinator, Sadia Green,”Clark said. 

During the public opening, Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement staff, SGA president, Verdant Julius, Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr. and Melody Pierce, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, visited the facility to welcome students and express their gratitude for the program. 

William Teasley, junior industrial and systems engineering student, is a student coordinator for Aggie Source. Working with the Aggie Source aligns with his passion in serving others. He explained how he is thankful for his current involvement with the program and what it means to him. 

“ It was food programs such as the Aggie Source Food Pantry and EBT, and all these different things that kept us [his brother] alive. Once we actually made it out of this position, I didn’t want to forget that”  Teasley said. “I have dedicated a lot of my studies and a lot of my life… and I’m hoping that this will just give me the experience with an on-campus food pantry, to be able to run my own one day.”  

Volunteers handed tickets to the first 100 people to receive a complimentary cup of ice cream or Italian ice at  the Scoop zone, a mobile ice cream truck.  

Clark believed the event had a bigger turnout than expected. 

“ I think today went well, we had a turnout of a little over 100 people. We definitely impacted the Greensboro community today.” 

Aggie Rack is partnered with the fashion merchandising department where they are responsible for hemming, tailoring  and any alterations needed. At the celebration, the following people were recognized for contributing to this program: 

  • Dr. Devona Dixon, Dr. Elizabeth Hopfer, Dr. Geetika Jaiswal and the Fashion Merchandising Department
  • Dr. Dawn Murphy, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs 
  • Patrick Curry, Aggie alum,  Kordell Closet
  • Cunthia Downing, Executive Director of Career Services 
  • Gabby Cash, Former coordinator of the Aggie Source
  • “Live”  Mannequins: Kaleb Adams, Benae Clardy, Jason Miller, Jaysha Young and Laynah 

Dr. Dawn Murphy, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, is glad to have a proper opening for Aggie Rack. 

“We really wanted to keep our students safe and now we are able to open it up for everybody,” said Murphy. “We are just happy to provide this opportunity for our students… the space we have, it looks nice.” 

Only one student is allowed at a time in the men’s changing room and women’s changing room. They are allowed to pick four items of clothing per academic year , however, a suit is equivalent to two items. 

Most of the professional wear was purchased from JCPenny’s or were gently-used clothing from donations. 

Each student has a 30 minute slot and can schedule an appointment on 1891 Connect. If interested in volunteering for the Aggie Source Food Pantry or Aggie Rack, they can join the Aggie Source Portal on 1891 Connect.  Hours of Operation for the Aggie Source building is on Tues. from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m, Weds. to Thurs. From 1p.m. to 6 p.m. and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.