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Aggies’ Year In Review

One of the highlights of the year, Mister and Miss RHA hosted a campus clean-up initiative

From adjusting to being back inside of the classroom to a major internet outage, it is fair to say that North Carolina A&T State University has endured a major year of ups and downs. Below, we reflect on some of the most significant aspects of the year. 

The common low point I have heard amongst students is trying to adjust to learning both in-person and in a hybrid format through the Covid-19 pandemic. Online learning has been an adjustment for students, instructors and those helping both groups.

While some professors have made courses harder or less fair, there are also many professors who have repeatedly asked how their students are doing during class and offering their office hours. There are also professors who have enacted grace periods for assignments and exams even. It can sometimes be difficult to feel support during challenging times, but we are reminded of this support when our professors show us the compassion to check in on how we’re doing during times of unprecedented stress and heightened anxiety. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic on campus has definitely been my low point of the school year. However, trying to see the positive, my high would be the fact that I have been able to see growth within myself academically, and plan to apply these new behaviors to all aspects of my life since this is now our new normal” said Nakayla Smith, sophomore Business Information Technology student. 

The ugliest moment of the school year amongst some students seems to be the internet outage. N.C. A&T became a victim of a cybersecurity breach beginning the week of spring break March 7-11, and is still currently combating issues. Many systems were affected by the disruption, including wireless connection.  The vague language used in emails left the campus in confusion and wanting more on the situation.

“Between Aggies being left without housing to this internet outage, these two issues are certainly the ugliest moments I have experienced on campus this year,” said Jessica Whetstone, sophomore Journalism and Mass Communications student. 

With all of these tough times on campus, what would the year be without some positive moments!

“The highlight of this school year for me has been getting involved more on campus. Between being voted in as RHA Community Council Mr. East Campus, participating in the RHA AggieFest Step Show, and joining Verge Modeling Troupe, I would say this year has had more ups than downs for me” said Justin Collins, sophomore Chemistry pre-licensed secondary education student.

Another big event on campus this year that prompted some joy was Chancellor Martin’s relentless commitment to the success of North Carolina A&T. He has led our university to unprecedented heights over the past 12 years, in which A&T has not only become America’s largest HBCU, but by some rankings and evaluations, its very best. As a result of his lifetime of contributions The Harold L. Martin, Sr., Engineering Research and Innovation Complex was opened. 

“The best part of this school year for me was the snowball fight out in the Villages Quad, and the opening of The Harold L. Martin Sr. Engineering Research and Innovation Complex. Being that I am an engineering major, it was a really cool moment to see  Chancellor Martin be recognized” said Mateo Smith, sophomore Electrical Engineering student. 

After going on a hiatus the past two years due to Covid-19. N.C. A&T’s 2022 AggieFest theme Aggie Language presented by NC A&T SUAB and SGA weeks worth of events did occur, and students had much anticipation built up for this year’s events planned. 

“My favorite moments from this school year would be the snow days and AggieFest. Both were very memorable, and were definitely highlights of the year” said Jessica Whetstone, sophomore Journalism and Mass Communications student. 

Despite the many challenges we have faced this 2021-2022 school year, there is much to be proud of as we reflect on the accomplishments of a tumultuous year, and hope for an even better year to come.


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