N.C. A&T beats S.C. State; Secures first win of the season

Melvin Harris, Editor-in-Chief

N.C. A&T beats S.C. State 41-27 and bounces back after three-game skid. In the first home game this season, the Aggies run game was the answer to securing the first win of the season.

S.C. State started the game off hot with a quick touchdown. QB Corey Fields threw a 21-yard touchdown to Rakim White putting the Bulldogs up 7-0.

The Aggies were able to respond with a solid possession and finished with a 19-yard run from running back Bhayshul Tuten.

Both teams would follow up in the second quarter with a fairly sloppy performance. The Aggies were able to go into the 2nd half with a 17-13 lead.

The 3rd quarter was where the Aggies began to separate themselves from the Bulldogs. The Aggies were able to put up 21 points in the third.

QB Jalen Fowler stepped up to the plate as he was put in to play after both quarterbacks Zach Yeager and Eli Brickhandler went down with injuries. The Aggies played four QBs throughout the entirety of the game.

Fowler threw for two touchdowns in the third, stayed poised throughout the game and did not commit any turnovers.

Tuten was the powerhouse behind the Aggie offense, leading the way on the ground and being a big helping hand in the air as well. Tuten has taken a significant jump in his role compared to last year and served the Aggies well against the Bulldogs.

S.C. State QB Corey Fields threw two costly interceptions in the second half that killed any momentum the Bulldogs were trying to build.

Despite having a tough beginning to the season, the Aggies got a much needed win and look to continue this success into their next game.

N.C. A&T will host their second home game against Bryant on Saturday Oct. 1, at 7:00 pm. This game will be televised on ESPN3.