Students Furious over Continuous Parking Issues

Photo Courtesy of KaJuan Durer

Photo Courtesy of KaJuan Durer

KaJuan Durer, TheWord Lead Reporter

Students and staff at N.C. A&T are now over a month into the academic school year and with a record-breaking admittance of 13,322 students, finding a parking spot on campus has been one of the most difficult tasks to do daily.

Though Parking and Transportation Services has been driving around campus ticketing and towing unregistered cars parked in on-campus lots and spaces, students still find it difficult to access parking.

Some even show up as late 10 to 15 minutes to class because they are unable to find a parking space.

Currently parking is available to any upperclassman student that purchases a parking pass through parking services.

Under certain circumstances freshman students are also able to purchase a parking pass by providing proof and documentation of having a working job within the city of Greensboro.

Junior biology student Jenae Farrington says the only resolution is to build more parking decks and more surface lots for students and staff to use.

“I feel that the surface lots and parking deck should be combined because the parking deck is never full,” Farrington said.

The passes range in access and price for students, staff and faculty which many find frustrating and confusing. The cost of a surface lot parking pass for the semester is $150 and $242 for the school year.

Students feel that on top of the tuition they have to pay, the cost of parking should not be as much. Senior professional theater student Sanai Johnson says that sometimes she has to park at other locations, not even on campus.

“I feel that it’s overpriced, especially since there aren’t any parking spaces for us to park,” senior theater student Sanai Johnson said. “I’ve had to park at cottages sometimes just to get to class.”

N.C. A&T’s parking and transportation services continue to strive to make more parking options available to students, faculty and staff on campus by towing vehicles without a registered parking pass.

There are some alternatives to fighting for parking spaces on campus. Students and faculty are able to purchase a Park and Ride pass for $125.

This option allows for students and staff to park their cars away from campus in the football stadium parking lot or War Memorial Stadium, and catch the shuttle to and from campus. Many students find this alternative a better option because they know they have a better chance at finding a space.

However, if paying is out of the question for you, it is also possible to park on Sullivan Street for free near the football stadium. Throughout the remainder of the semester, we can hope to see some parking spots lighten up for registered vehicles on campus.