Guide to Making Friends on Campus


Photo Courtesy of Gabrielle Howard

Gabrielle Howard, Contributor

The school year is in full swing, and nearing a close on the first semester. However, many students are still in search of how to get more involved on campus and meet new people, but how to do so is always the question at hand.  

We have seen time and time again on twitter students asking for “new N.C. A&T friends,” but following up on said tweets rarely ever occurs. 

With Covid-19 completely changing the narrative on how students interact with each other, students on campus have various opinions and views on how to navigate establishing new friendships and meeting new people this academic school year being completely in person.

Junior bioengineering student, Jordynn Collie, says that making new friends and stepping out of her comfort zone has been very difficult since Covid. She feels as though the time of isolation from others hindered the way we as students act and socialize.

“My freshman year was completely online due to COVID, so I did not talk to anyone or have any friends in my classes,” Collie said. “Then when I transferred here last school year, it was a little hard to make friends because I did not know anyone, and everyone was wearing masks.”

While the pandemic that took over 2020 seems like a long time ago, students still find it somewhat difficult to socialize with one another which continues to put a strain on being able to form new relationships.

Freshman biology student, Timothy Johnson, says that Covid-19 put students in a position where we could only talk to people from a distance. 

“You could not really introduce yourself to people in a normal way, and interactions as a whole were virtual, as a result I think our social skills have become rusty,” Johnson said. 

College can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for those who are freshman students, transfer students, or even those who are just more introverted than others. While it can be challenging, there are ways to meet people.

Freshman mechanical engineering student, Ra’Shad Foster, explains that giving little compliments to strangers can turn into friendships being made.

“By not staying in your room all the time and simply walking around can help you network and meet new people,” Foster said. “Saying things like ‘I like your shoes’ can help you make a new friend.” 

Keeping a positive and open mindset can be a big factor in people’s social lives. Making sure to always make an effort to be involved can be a step in the right direction. Simple things such as joining organizations around campus can open doors to find people who have common interests.

Freshman computer science student, Layke Jones wants others to not be afraid to reach out, and wants other students to disregard what others may think of their efforts.

“When I first arrived on campus, I thought people would think that I was weird, but I found a solid group of friends that appreciate my quirkiness,” Jones said. “As long as you embrace all that there is to you, then others will embrace you as well.” 

Feeling nervous and anxious to make new friends is a normal natural feeling, but making friends in college does not have to feel like such a task. Anything is possible when you keep an open mind and positive attitude in the presence of others.