Students Feelings and Expectations for Spring 2023 Semester

Students Feelings and Expectations for Spring 2023 Semester

Kaila Collier, TheWord Section Editor

Along with a new year, comes new excitement for the second half of the 2022-2023 academic school year. Students at N.C. A&T are ready for all that there is to come and are setting big goals for themselves.

One common goal students seem to have this semester is establishing a better sleeping schedule to help get them to classes on time.

“My first week back was ok. I like my classes, however this semester I need to do better about waking up on time to attend my classes,” said freshman visual arts student, Willeen Ford.

Freshman biology student, Saniya Drayton is on the same page. Drayton is ready with a plan in motion in order to be as successful as possible this semester.

“I need to make it my mission to go to bed a little earlier in order to actually wake up on time for classes this semester,” Drayton said. “By doing this, I think I will be awake in class and it will allow me to do better about retaining the information I learn.”

Some students are extra determined and have been getting on top of their work from the moment the syllabus was posted like freshman undecided student Jania Maddox. 

“I am already ahead in my classes which is nice. This semester I really hope to stay consistent with my plan to stay ahead of my workload,” Maddox said.

Freshman kinesiology student, Skylar Martin is still working to find her place and is looking for not only new opportunities on campus, but establishing new friendships.

“The semester has been good so far, but most of all I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends,” Martin said. “I feel like you meet all these people through group chats, and then the relationship fades off mid semester.

While waking up on time and staying on top of your academics is important, there is nothing like having a little fun in the midst of it all. Some students are ready for all that there is to come with warmer weather eventually. 

“This semester I plan to build my GPA back up. I really slacked off after GHOE, so I want to do better this semester,” said Paris Mason, freshman psychology student. “I still want to have fun though. I am already planning to go to the beach for Spring Break with some friends.” 

Along with Spring Break, what is a spring semester at N.C. A&T without the most anticipated event of the semester? Aggiefest. 

Freshman elementary education and kinesiology students and roommates, Coro Cohen-Barnes and Saniah Muir both say they are looking forward to Aggiefest. 

“Coming in as a freshman, I hear all the hype about Aggiefest from upperclassmen, so it just makes the anticipation even greater when you have never experienced it yourself,” Muir said.

No matter how big or small the goals or expectations are for the semester, Have a very safe and successful semester Aggies.