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Students’ Ways of Practicing Self Love this Valentine’s Day


Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for couples to show their appreciation for each other. However, it is also a holiday for people to appreciate themselves.

Some may be sad about not having a significant other to celebrate the holiday with, while others take it as an opportunity to shower themselves with things they love. Here are some ways N.C. A&T students are celebrating Valentine’s Day.

As a form of self-care, people enjoy the simplest thing: eating good food.

Getting food is a luxury that many people do not partake in on a regular basis due to the many fees associated with delivery.

Senior computer science student, Jordan Holeman, finds comfort in having a good meal as a means of self love.

“I like food so I will probably order my favorite food on DoorDash or Uber eats,” Holeman said. “I would consider this self love because I am a huge foodie.”

Senior mass media production student, Robyn Nelson, plans to use the day to catch up on different activities she enjoys but does not always have the free time to do.

“I love making time to work on my hobbies as a way of self care, especially ones that allow me to express myself creatively,” Nelson said. “Putting on a good audiobook and crocheting is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time right now.”

Though many focus a lot on caring for themselves on Valentine’s Day, it is important to practice self care year round.

Sophomore public relations student, Jessica Carney-Perks, practices self-care more than just around this holiday.

“I like to think of self care as a routine practice that is not just limited to a day,” Perks said. “I like to meditate and rest as part of my self care. Maintenance too. Like my nails and stuff because I don’t want to feel like a gremlin.”

It seems that around this time of year, people always tend to wonder if their crush will give them flowers or candies, or ask them to be their valentine, yet somehow always end up disappointed.

Students on N.C. A&T’s campus tend to always long for an “Aggie Love Story” whether it is the season of Valentine’s or not. These love stories are a rare occurrence however, and it leads to students having to branch out to find different ways to practice self care & love.

Sophomore nursing student, Miriam Sey, has several different ways that she focuses on herself during this time of year.

“I have started journaling recently to help me better express my feelings,” Sey said. Also, my friends and I are going to do what we did last year, which is be each other’s valentines since we did not have dates. It helps to have good friends during this season of love.”

The importance of mental health is a topic that many do not consider when it comes to how people celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is so important for students to find ways to make themselves feel good during times where they may be feeling lonely or struggling, no matter the holiday.

Sophomore journalism student, Brianna Randolph, says practicing self love goes beyond the gifts and material things. She prefers to look and feel good on the inside and outside.

“I do not really obsess over having a Valentine or not, it does not matter to me that much, but I do like getting pretty & putting makeup on for Valentine’s Day because it just helps me acknowledge my own beauty.”

Whether students go on a romantic date for Valentine’s Day or spend the day in the dorm, it is so important to find ways to love and appreciate the person within.

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