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    Chevez Chapman: A&T Artist Reveals His Journey to Music

    Jordan Burch
    Chevez “Vezziano” Chapman

    Graduate information technology student at N.C. A&T, Chevez Chapman or “Vezziano,” is a self proclaimed pioneer of a new genre of music to uplift listeners.

    The Greensboro native began his music journey in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2021. He was an undergraduate student at Fayetteville State University.

    Chapman began exploring music because of the isolation caused by the COVID virus. Fayetteville State’s campus was just starting to return to normal, but people were still distancing themselves from each other.

    Chapman, who enjoys connecting with people, had a hard time during the pandemic fallout. The situation caused him to slip into a depression;this is when he found music to help.

    “During COVID I went through this form of depression because I was always used to doing something,” Chapman said.

    Chapman had always been a creative person. He was a drummer as a child and designed clothes as a teenager. This creativity evolved into his clothing brand, “Pharaoh Vibe” and then his music career.

    Chapman’s introduction to music started at the studio with his cousin. He became more involved in music after being featured on the hook of his cousin’s song. 

    “He always had me around that environment and I’ve had times when I doubt [myself] and my producer will tell me to keep going, you don’t understand how powerful your voice is” Chapman said.

    He gained his name “Vezziano” after his producer, “Ruff,” noticed he had a very “handle business” attitude.

    “Ruff said I gave off [energy] like I handle business, and when he got to know me he saw that I do,” Chapman explained.

    Chapman’s first project was an EP titled “Vibrations” which featured a song, “Bittersweet”.

    He considers 2021 the greatest year of his life thus far, and “Bittersweet” was written in dedication to that year.

    “Everything that I talk about in all my songs is either based on a true story or something that I’m actively experiencing,” Chapman said.

    Chapman writes his verses before he hears the beat for a song. His producer will then create a beat that matches Chapman’s flow and cadence. This allows a unique synchronization between him and the beat.

    “As I talk on a track the beat is talking,” Chapman said.

    Chapman aims to change the culture around music today. He believes there is too much “low-vibrational” music dominating platforms today. He gravitates toward “high-vibrational” music that promotes positive change in a person.

    “High-vibrational music is anything that moves the soul in a positive way, or [promotes] taking a risk that positions you better spiritually, mentally and physically,” Chapman explained.

    He hopes to spread the message of being true to self and for individuals to disregard the objective opinions of others. Chapman aims to be his authentic self and inspire others to do the same.

    “I keep in mind that at the end of the day, even if other people don’t connect to it, I still need to create art to express myself,” Chapman said.

    Chapman admires Joey Bada$$, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, and

    Lauryn Hill. However, Chapman considers himself his own influence, even coining a term for his music,”High-Vibrational Cosmetic Sounds.” 

    Chapman’s music can be listened to on Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music under the name “Vezziano.”

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