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    AI, Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

    Grapic Institute

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm and is now used in many fields like transportation, healthcare, banking, retail and entertainment. AI helps increase efficiency and aids in educating others on things they may not know about. 

    You most likely use AI or a form of AI every day. Things like face ID and image recognition, using Siri, your email, apps, social media and searching things on Google are all using AI.

    AI is very helpful, but the question of whether AI helps or hurts society has been a big topic of discussion in the public. It walks a thin line, because while it does help people it can take away a lot of jobs because it can complete multiple tasks quickly.

    AI is now being used in some fields and the key is for people to work with AI in order to use it to their advantage. Therefore it can help improve work performance.

    AI will never completely take over because at the end of the day people want the authenticity of another person.

    Jevaun Keith, a computer science major agrees and explains how although AI is advanced and can invoke fear there’s no need, the desire for an actual person at work or in a specific field is still needed.

    “Certain fields could take over but I don’t think so, not entirely. I feel like there’s still going to be a need for people in everything,” Keith shared. “You want that authentic [feeling] like an actual person inside your field knowing okay, I can trust this person, it’s not a robot talking to me.”

    AI when used correctly can also play a role in a successful education. Many people use it for daily tasks, questions and many students use it for help with their assignments. 

    One of the more popular forms of it is “ChatGPT,” which a lot of students use to help them edit their papers, write resumes, correct their grammar and more.

    Ivy Mitchell, a sophmore IT major, uses AI quite frequently and she explained how intertwined it is within her daily routine.

    “I use AI to help me write my papers, I use AI for when I’m coding and I also use it through my phone to set my alarms and things of that nature,” said Mitchell.

    AI as we know is very popular but not everyone has voluntarily chosen to fall into the trend and participate in the AI world.

    Janay Barbee, a sophomore journalism and mass communications student explained how although she’s never personally used AI, she’s heard good things about it.

    “AI helps students out with their assignments and getting a better understanding of things. So I think it’s pretty positive,” Barbee explained.

    By harnessing the power of AI, it can significantly benefit individuals by enhancing efficiency. So the next time you think about or use AI, the key lesson is to remember how to use it to your advantage.



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