Power sports for soldiers and veterans

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Power sports often attract individuals looking for a thrill, maybe some speed and the chance to explore the country from a different point of view. Whether it’s traveling through the country on the back of a motorcycle with the wind rushing past, roaming different terrains on an ATV, or catching air off a giant wave on a personal watercraft, power sports add some excitement to an afternoon or weekend.

Military personnel engaging in life after deployment – or living on a base while serving – often have a lot of interest and time to invest in the big toys of power sports. Living on a military base, with housing provided, can give many active duty soldiers the ability to afford the big machines. And many companies selling motorcycles, personal watercraft, ATVs and also snowmobiles offer military and veteran discounts. For example, Harley-Davidson has a Military Program created by the military for military personnel serving overseas, offering special pricing, rebates and consumer protections.

But getting involved in power sports can require some safety precautions – even for the toughest solider in the field. When purchasing a motorcycle, ATV or other power sport machine, make sure you take the safety or training class offered either by the manufacturer, or through your state, before using the machine. And be sure to invest in and use the safety equipment recommended for your sport.

Soldiers being deployed who have fun sport toys like dirt bikes might need to find long-term storage for their machines. Self storage is one option, and there are many questions to review if you’re in need of renting a storage unit for your small engine vehicle:

* How much space will you need – for the vehicle and all the equipment that comes with it?

* Do you need a climate-controlled unit?

* What kind of security do you need?

* Does the storage unit honor military or veteran discounts?

You may also be able to find a friend or family member who can care for your toy while you’re serving the country. If so, be sure to leave copies of all paperwork with them regarding ownership, insurance, licensing, etc.

Having the freedom to hit the road, dirt trail, crashing waves or fresh powder comes because of the service military personnel give to the United States. So head for the lake, hills or desert road for a thrilling and exhilarating experience.