GAB.E: The Kid

By Breeana Draper

Gabrielle Ramseur is not only a biology student at North Carolina A&T State University, but she is also a break out artist who got her start as a child.

Her Beginning and Inspirations

GAB.E started singing at the age of 4 when she began piano lessons. “Through becoming familiar with the melodic sounds of the piano, I sang along and trained myself to sing.”

Ramseur looks up to Solange, Beyonce, and Erykah Badu. She admires Solange and Badu on their “willingness to be free and unique,” and is inspired by Beyonce’s vocal range and performance skills.

Songwriting and Growth

As a singer, she is also gifted with the talent to write her own songs. Many things inspire her to write, such as everyday life situations and events. GAB.E explained that life changes, relationships and goals are the three main inspirations for her songs.

According to the songstress, music has helped her grow into the woman she is today. “Music has allowed me to gain the confidence that nothing else would have inspired me to do. Music has also given me an outlet to express myself and keep me focused on my happiness.”

The Name

Although her name is Gabrielle, she chooses to go by GAB.E as an alter ego. She said that she spells it as GAB.E to show a variety of herself. It stands for (GAB)rielle (E)lizabeth.

“The Kid” is a nickname that was inspired by the people around her. “A lot of people refer to me as a little boy,” some of which is inspired by her style. She said that her style is “tomboy and laid back,” and her personality is care free, open and giving.

Performing, Music Career, and Music Updates

Performers know how to get the crowd involved and that is something GAB.E enjoys. When connecting with the crowd, she likes to reach out to each person in the audience. “I feel the energy of those around me and exert it through my sounds, which makes me feel amazing!”

GAB.E expresses that she definitely wants a music career with an“ Uhh-Huh Honey!”

She continues to say that she wants “to inspire and reach out to her peers and all of those music lovers and make a difference.”

Listeners can follow her on social media to stay up to date on her music.

Twitter: gabrielleramseu

Instagram: gabrielleramseur_

Snapchat: Gcleflove