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To some, all pizza boxes, broken bottles and torn clothes are is trash, but to 21-year-old  “unconventional artist” Jordan Garner, she sees them as a gateway to her creativity.

Garner’s creativity has allowed her to explore all sides of artistry through a variety of pieces. She utilizes recyclable items to showcase how art is formed from the perception of the artist.

From accessories like headbands and earrings to specialized paddles and paintings, each work of art she creates is truly unique. Some of her pieces may be crafted from African themed fabrics while others are constructed using modernized pieces.  

“I’m not rich, by any means, so I take pride in turning cheap things into masterpieces. For instance, I started painting with q-tips because that’s all I had at the time,” said Garner. 

Garner attends N.C. A&T where she studies agribusiness with a concentration in concentrated food management.

“I want to make it my mission to let people know art can be anything. It’s not just painting on a canvas with paint brushes – it’s whatever you think is beautiful and unique,” said Garner.

Art has always been a part of who she is, but this past year Garner felt extremely encouraged by her mother to explore this hobby further. With her mother’s love and support behind her, she began utilizing the materials around her and making pieces that complement her passion.

The devotion Garner carries for her work is inspired by God, she said. She admires His work and that everything people see is a creation from Him.

“Everything you see is a work of art by Him, so I really wanted to use the gifts He gave me to put more art out into the world,” Garner said.



Earrings $3-10

Headbands $3-10

Paddles $45

Paintings contact artist for pricing


Follow and contact Jordan Garner on Instagram @_jawwdan

“Art is all around you, you just have to make it into your own flavor.” -Jordan Garner