NextGen encourages young voters at the Artist Bloc by Jaylin Saunders

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Every Friday night at the Artist Bloc is always an experience but on August 24, NextGen of North Carolina held an open mic night that not only rocked the house but also encouraged more college students to vote.

The event showcased 10 artists who all showcase their talents; Poetic J, Haley, Bir, Greg, Jachin Kedar, Jha’mai, Prod, Kayleigh Bay, Lef and Desiree Coffey.

A local artist from Greensboro, Poetic started the open mic night off with a spoken word piece about issues women have with men.

Bir, a member of the group BANMFAM performed lyrics from a song of his groups. One line that amazed the crowd has “I put that iron on to your man like he’s Tony Stark.”

The next rapper, Greg is also a member of BANMFAM; he performed two songs and came with a nice classic flow. After Greg, another member of BANMFAM named Jachin Kedar performed something more personal to him about faith in God and what’s going on in the world.

A rapper from Highpoint named Prod rapped about his love for hip hop, the state of media, as well as his life without his father.

To conclude the event NextGen had a cypher with a topic of voting that all the rappers had to battle each other to the beat.

For more information on how to register to vote, visit your local precinct, NextGen’s website or their Facebook page.