Hijabi Hotspot

Avianna Perry uses her culture to challenge norms placed on her in society.

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Hijabi Hotspot

Kayla Clarke, Culture Editor

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As N.C. A&T becomes more diverse culturally, one student in particular has developed a blog focusing on fashion, skincare, and most importantly the experiences and life of a black, American Muslim.

Avianna Perry, a sophomore business administration student from Raleigh, NC, grew up in a very diverse family with a open-minded mother which she stated helped her for the better.

Through marriage we had East Asian Buddhists, Somali Muslims, Latinx Catholics, and white and black Christians who were either Orthodox or Baptist. So I grew up in the midst of a plethora of cultures and because of this, my mother was relaxed when it came to religion”, Perry explained.

Although Perry considered herself Muslim, it wasn’t until her teenage years where she saw the importance of religion.

I personally believe that I’ve been Muslim my entire life but I didn’t start practicing until my late teens when in my life I felt like I needed the structure that religion offers”, says Perry.

At the age of fifteen, Perry decided to make it official. She went to her local Masjid (mosque) and took her declaration of faith which is called Shahada.

Since then, Perry has evolved in her beliefs and decided to start a blog entitled “Hijabi Hotspot”.

With her passion for writing and photography along with other influential Muslimahs (Muslim women) who have started blogs and youtube channels, Perry knew blogging was the path for her.

Hijabi Hotspot discusses many topics including fashion and health trends, but Perry also wanted it to be a interactive blog.

I do want my site to be interactive as well so I have a section where I accept submissions and write about other Muslim women who are just doing their own thing whether it’s painting, fashion designing, or blogging because I think it’s really important to help one another by networking.” says Perry.

Along with a interactive blog, Perry has also added links for other Muslim women to purchase affordable hijabs and modest-wear clothing on Hijabican as well as AHS.

Even though Perry’s blog is still new, she didn’t expect it to be as successful as it has become.

“Although I wanted it to take off because I put so much time into it, I subconsciously didn’t think anyone would care about what I wrote or would care enough to support it.” Perry said.

Within her four month period, Perry has gained 150 subscribers which continuously grows everyday.  

In a few years, Perry hopes to be a full time blogger and build a partnership with other companies.

“I’m already currently talking to companies about partnerships so InshAllah (god willing) that will work out, and with my degree I would like to create an online modest-fashion boutique.”  she revealed.

While being a sophomore here at North Carolina A&T, she has joined 100 Collegiate Women which has had a huge impact on how she saw herself.

“I was surrounded by people who wanted to be successful and just genuinely wanted to see me succeed. We uplifted one another and reminded one another to focus on the things that are really important like our self-esteem and mental health.” says Perry.

As Perry continues to focus on the importance of the black women along with the black American Muslimahs on her blog, she also wants women to remember the importance of setting standards for oneself.

“High-self esteem of oneself makes it so you know what you deserve so you won’t accept anything less, and if you have a standard set, then the only way you can go is above it.”

For more information, be sure to check out her social media along with her website!

Instagram: sincerelyavi

Twitter: avianap

Wesbite: https://avianap.wixsite.com/hijabihotspot