Mia Bella changes the idea of locs


Marisa Comer, Lead Reporter

With a variety of student hair businesses on campus, Mia Bella, in particular, strives for her business to be more creative along with being more affordable.   

Mia Williams, a senior Journalism and Mass Communication student from Atlanta, Georgia, began working on hair at a young age.

“Since sophomore year in high school, I took cosmetology my Junior and Senior year of high school. I watched hours of YouTube videos and practiced on myself and friends until I mastered my techniques,” she elaborates.

Williams’ business, Mia Bella Locs has made her name known across the campus of A&T. In her at-home studio here in Greensboro, she showcases her ability to do protective styles, and it’s safe to say that she has mastered the talent. Many girls all over campus can be seen rocking their faux locs. Her Instagram @miabellalocs features many of those clients who have gotten different variations of locs, marley twists, and much more.

Williams is well-rounded in the world of hair care. She specializes in protective styles and natural hair care, but also has experience in chemical services, coloring, cutting, and weaves. Her favorite protective styles to do for her clients include faux locs, goddess locs, and bohemian locs.

Though she has established herself as a natural hair guru, she does recognize that it took a large amount of dedication to get where she is now. She reiterates that research is imperative in a field as competitive as the hair business.

“It’s important to know all you can about the industry, your competition, and what’s trending!” Williams presses.

She mentions that one of the complicated aspects about her developing her business was having her ideas and not knowing how to execute them along with learning to market, as well as balancing her business with her school life and social life. It can be determined that she has successfully managed the three of those by the growth of her business.

Mia William’s favorite part of her business is the relationship she has developed with all of her clients along with the feeling of satisfaction she receives from seeing her clients leave transformed.

“Mia was very nice and professional. She did my hair in a timely manner and made sure I was very comfortable. She actually cared and wasn’t focused on the money, but my hair,” said Acacia Booker.

Mia Bella Locs has also announced an upcoming HBCU tour from October 5th-December 2nd. For more information check her Instagram: @miabellalocs

There’s no doubt that her business will continue to grow and flourish after she graduates.

For any more information on her business or her prices, check her website: https://miabellahair.as.me/