New service cleans N.C. A&T

Elaijah Gibbs-Jones, theYard Editor

Among the many student businesses throughout N.C.A&T, Koko’s Cleaning Services is the first to provide cleaning assistance to students.

Junior social work student, Kahaniyah Webster, announced the launch of her business to students through social media.

Webster released the following statement:

“Hate cleaning? I love it! Let me do your dirty work….Call or text me to make your dorm shine bright like a diamond.”

Koko’s offers services to on campus students. The services include bathroom and suite cleanings. If requested services, Webster will scrub toilets, showers, shower curtains, sinks, tables, mop and sweep.

“I know it sounds silly, but I love cleaning, because it allows me to think. Also, my aunt has a cleaning service in Georgia and I have helped her with it in the past,” said Webster.

Although Webster would love to be able to clean students’ rooms as well as bathrooms and common areas, her services do not include that speciality due to potential liability issues.

So far, Koko has not received many inquiries for her services. However, she is determined to continue throughout her academic years at N.C.A&T.

“I get discouraged sometimes, because I don’t know if people will actually contact me. I just have to keep my head up high,” said Webster.

When she does receive customers, the charge for a full service cleaning is set at $30 and Webster comes prepared with all cleaning supplies.

Students may not be too enthused to receive the services now, but Webster hopes more customers will contact her in the future.

“We try to keep it as clean as possible ourselves and do not believe it is someone else’s responsibility to clean up after our mess since we’re practically adults,” said Mya Reid, sophomore engineering student.

As Webster encourages students to contact her, she also believes in other entrepreneurs and would like to motivate them as well.

“Just do it! Don’t hesitate or make up excuses. So what if everyone else is doing it, just share your talent,” said Webster.

For more information, contact Koko’s Cleaning Services at (253)-878-7596 or contact her on Twitter.