Aggies Volley The Eagles


Amaris Roberts, Contributors (theScore)

   The women’s volleyball team of North Carolina A&T took down rival, North Carolina Central University in their match-up on Friday, October 12th in Moore Gymnasium.

    The Eagle’s volleyball team’s season has been to a lesser degree compared to the Aggie’s. The N.C. A&T volleyball team is currently ranked at number one in the Southern division of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference with a record of 4-1 in the conference and 9-9 overall.

    In the first match, the Aggies had the upper-hand in scoring until the Eagles had three back-to-back kills and a service ace to win 25-21. Although the Aggies lost the first match, there was still time to get the best three out of five.  

       NCCU had 14 kills in total in the first match, whereas, the N.C. A&T had 12 kills, five of which came from Leila Haynesworth (Junior).

    The second match was a bit of a back and forth between the teams with quite a few errors coming from the Aggies.N.C. A&T kept fighting through the match and did a great job keeping the Eagles from scoring towards the end of the game with a final score of 25-20, making the game 1-1. The Aggies had 19 kills in this match, while the Eagles only had 10. Courtney Pitt (Sophomore) lead the team in the kills (six kills).

    In the third match, the Aggies kept their momentum up by beating the Eagles 25-21. N.C. A&T dominated this match with 16 kills compared to NCCU’s eight kills. Makaylah Elliot (Junior) had four kills, this set, and the Aggies took the lead in the game, which was 2-1.

    The fourth, and final, match, the Aggies took home the win over the Eagles, with a score of 25-20. N.C. A&T kept a lead on NCCU the majority of the set and took ending the game with 3-1. Although N.C. A&T had the most errors in this set, they made up for it by having 16 kills. Edie Brewer (Sophomore) had the most kills amongst the Aggies with a total 5 in this match.

    N.C. A&T had 63 kills in total, while NCCU only had 38. Edie Brewer executed more kills than any other Aggie (16 kills). Even though the Aggies had a lot more kills than the Eagles, they also had more errors. N.C. A&T had 26 errors compared to the 16 errors that NCCU had.

    “Strength and power, they’ll continue to do great. This win kept the same energy that the volleyball team has had this entire season,” said by Isabella Jarvis, freshman, sociology student.

    “The Lady Aggies are full of integrity and perseverance. They will continue to strive and beat the odds of their opponents. Aggies don’t wear wings, but we soared higher than those Eagles. All shade intended,” said by Chloe Love, senior, family and consumer sciences student.

    The N.C. A&T volleyball team has some time to practice and rest up for their next game against Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida on October 26th.