Natural Boss Branding devotes to women of color


Falesha Brodie, Contributor

Every boss needs support, and Natural Boss Branding LLC commits to being just that.

Founded by junior JOMC student, Kiara Nelson, the company dedicates itself to women of color who want to bring their vision to life but don’t know how. It caters to money-makers who need a little assistance in establishing a business brand.

Being the popular YouTuber and creator she is, Nelson understands the importance of branding a strong media presence. She knows first hand what it means to start from scratch and work your way up.

Nelson’s YouTube channel has more than 6,000 subscribers with more than 400,000 views. This proves that she knows how to attract an audience and keep them engaged. While putting her creative mind to work, she has been able to collaborate with various companies including Hollister Co., and Black Opal and she even serves as a campus representative for Victoria’s Secret PINK.

However, Nelson doesn’t work independently.

With Kiara Johnson, an acting student at Spelman College, working as Adjunct Creative, they exercise teamwork to “make the dream work.”

Though fairly new, the branding and design service is already assisting numerous vloggers, artists, students, and entrepreneurs. Natural Boss Branding offers various services including brand styling, social media strategy, graphic design, and consulting.

“Natural Boss Branding works with you to bring your vision to life. Natural Boss Branding can service all of your branding needs, from small businesses to personal blogs,” said Nelson.

Each service package contains different essentials. From cover letter templates to account maintenance, Natural Boss Branding makes sure their clients receive quality service at an affordable price.

This summer Natural Boss Branding launched an e-book. This book was targeted toward freshmen who were interested in landing an internship during their first year of college. They also offered a resume and business card design bundle deal to help students prepare for career fairs.

“Great customer service! She’ll create everything perfectly and beyond your expectations,” said Brenaé Snowden, owner of Lumieré Amour.

Standing out and leveling up is the goal for their clients. They even offer services that help set up LinkedIn accounts.

Their Twitter effectively communicates the services’ mission with a header that reads, “Bringing Your Ideas to Life One Design at a Time.”

Their feed is flooded with tweets and photos promoting the idea that anyone can be a natural boss. It provides a various example of their past work and the benefits of doing business with them.

They promise consistency and encourage their followers, especially women to set goals for themselves.

“When we make a small mistake, we almost always feel bad about it. Why not keep the same energy for the small victories? Natural Boss stresses the importance of achieving small goals and celebrating them,” Nelson says.

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