Slow And Steady

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Slow And Steady

East Dockery, Contributor

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The North Carolina A&T’s Men’s Basketball team has had a slow start to the season losing consistently to tough opponents by about 10-20 points per game.

The Aggies pulled out their first win of the season on against Mt. St Mary’s.

“I believe that we followed coach’s game plan effectively along with defending as a group. We also won the rebounding matchup which is great for us”, stated senior guard, Aaren Edmead as he elaborates on what he felt the team did differently in order to win the St. Mary’s game.

It took five games for the Aggies to finally achieve this victory, and even though the matchups have been challenging with opponents such as Maryland and Wake Forest, the questions, on the Aggies early struggles, are still unanswered.

“Our struggles mainly come from coming together as a team defensively and rebounding. We are very talented across the board offensively, but we need to continue to get better defensive and rebound as a group. If we stop teams from second-chance shots, we’ll have a better chance at winning. Along with cutting down on turnovers offensively”, said senior guard, Aaren Edmead.

Aside from rebounding and playing more effective defense, there are collective issues as well. The basketball roster is very new, consisting of seven transfers, who all have experience, just not with A&T’s program.

“The main cause of our early struggle is not developing chemistry yet. We have a lot of new faces to the program and they are still figuring out the coach playing style and we are still trying to figure out each other”, states sophomore guard, Kam Langley.

Even though the Aggies haven’t yet found their spark, they are still continuing to work together to try and mesh well with one another.

“There were little rough patches at times where we wouldn’t click but after a few practices and just bonding with each other off the court our chemistry became a lot better. “, states senior transfer, Milik Gantz.

As the Aggies mix and mend with one another to become a competitive team, they want the taste of victory to linger in their mouths for much longer and plan to do whatever is necessary in order to do so.

“Just go in each day and work to get better. We had time to practice so we just have to perfect what we are good at and that should carry over to future games”, states Langley.

And those practices are certainly proving to make perfect because the Aggies pulled out another win last Thursday, against Central Connecticut State. This was the Aggies first win at home making their record 2-5.

As the Aggies continue to walk it like they talk it, they still strive to improve personally as well; by honing in on their leadership skills, improving their jump shot, eliminating turnovers, and just simply taking care of the ball.

“Personally, I believe there’s room to become a better leader. Offensively continue to stay aggressive make the right plays and take care of the ball. Defensively make sure the group is locked in on the game plan and rebound”, states Edmead.

In further news, the Aggies lost their latest game, on Saturday December 1st, to Presbyterian College, 75-70.

This brings their record to 2-7.

At the end of the day, the Aggies are striving to make their school and teammates proud and will continue to go out on the court and give it their all.