Student businesses speak on the importance of support

Student businesses speak on the importance of support

Kayla Clarke and Marisa Comer

While student businesses and entrepreneurs are quickly expanding on the campus of North Carolina A&T, students are in full support of each and every business.

From stylish t-shirts to fresh haircuts, to delicious sweet treats, North Carolina A&T has produced many entrepreneurs who have evolved into well-known businesses. A few of A&T’s entrepreneurs have also decided to give steps on starting a business as well as provide advice to future entrepreneurs.

Student and entrepreneur, Arial Robinson, is a freshman marketing student and founder of ASR Culture, an online apparel brand. Her “Balenciaggie” t-shirts have been seen all over campus, and students have enjoyed her clever twist on high-end fashion.

“Pretty much what I do is I just take different concepts and designs and I execute them in t-shirts because I know a lot of people wear them.”

Robinson’s aspiration to become an entrepreneur began in the seventh grade. With no fellow entrepreneurs around her, she admits that she had to do a lot of research on the different ways to start a business. Once she established her business, she took to Twitter to reach her targeted audience.

“It feels great, because I know that nothing is guaranteed and that I have to work for everything. To know that a lot of people that I don’t even know support me is a really, really good feeling,” Robinson explained.

Robinson is very humbled and does recognize that though becoming an entrepreneur may not be easy, it is worth it.

“Don’t be afraid to fail,” she said.“If you’re afraid to fail you’ll never be able to do anything, you’ll never take that risk. Being an entrepreneur is very different than working for someone. When you’re working for someone you’ll always get your check as long as you put in the work, and when you’re an entrepreneur you don’t always get that. It can be scary but the outcome can be great.”

On-campus barber and senior business managing student, David Trevino, started cutting hair at a very young age.

“When I started cutting my hair, I was going to the barbershop to get a taper on the sides and the back. Unfortunately, they were not able to provide me with the service that I liked and I wasn’t liking the haircuts,” said Trevino. “From there, I started using a battery clipper at home.”

Trevino elaborates that it took him a while to perfect his skill, but with the patience and practice he evolved into a well-known campus barber.

“From there I started growing and building my clientele and people began supporting me,” said Trevino. “I’ve had people’s friends, line brothers, classmates, and athletes willing to support me. I never saw myself doing what I’m doing now and I really appreciate everyone that is supporting me.”

Trevino believes that it takes a great amount of practice to become the best that you can be, and if willing, take that step.

“Take that step. At first, you are not going to see that vision until you actually start doing and studying that craft. You just have to go for it, learn from your losses and follow your dreams.” said Trevino.

Alexandria Marrow, a sophomore marketing student, is the founder of Sweets by Alexandria. Marrow brought her business to campus her freshman year and quickly became known for her delicious cupcakes. Marrow committed much of her time to gain research and mentorship from others which allowed her the opportunity to sell her delicious treat in the New Student Union Element Store.

As Marrow’s business continues to grow, she is very grateful for the support that her fellow classmates have given her.

“The support of the students is amazing. Honestly, the support of the students is what keeps all of our businesses going forward. We couldn’t do it without them and it’s what we’re most grateful for.”

As a marketing student, she is using her time now to increase her knowledge and experience before entering the real world while also encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to work hard and never give up, despite obstacles.

“Do what you love,” she advised. “Once you discover that, work very hard and be relentless. You’ll have a lot of people tell you that you can’t or they may you that your product is not good enough.”

Although these entrepreneurs have evolved into well-known business owners, they all believe that it took time, effort and patience to be and stay the best.


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