Verge Modeling Troupe prepares for upcoming auditions

Marisa Comer, Lead Reporter of theCULTURE

Ready to shine bright like a diamond?

Verge Modeling Troupe will be holding auditions on February 12th and 14th and are welcoming everyone, from runway models, body models, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and staff. This is a chance for fashion forward students to showcase their skills or even get out of their comfort zone.

Rayshawn Parker is a junior biology student and also president of the organization. He joined Verge in spring 2016 and credits them for allowing him to break out of his shell.

“The impact that Verge that has had on me as a person is very overwhelming when I think of it. I started off as a person who wasn’t really out there, and was really scared to be seen,” he says.

Parker explains that once he began performing and learning new styles, he gained his confidence, and he was then motivated to be the best person that he could be.

Parker firmly believes that once others join, they too will get out of their comfort zone and try something that they aren’t used to.

“We pride ourselves on accountability, sharpness, and the will to perform at the peak of our potential. The process is very interesting and I love it, because everyone comes out unique, with their own way of shining,” says Parker.

On February 12th, the auditions will be held in Student Center Multipurpose room 232. Verge asks that everyone where flats and comfortable shoes this day. February 14th, auditions will be held in  Student Center Multipurpose room 385. Verge asks that females wear heels and males wear slick bottom shoes this day. Both auditions will be held from 6:00-9:00 p.m..

For more information on tryouts, visit Verge Modeling Troupe’s Instagram page: @vergemodels_ncat