Kyler Murray Chooses NFL

Kyler Murray Chooses NFL

Jerry Humphrey III, Contributor

The 2018 Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray has made the decision to commit to football and enter the 2019 NFL draft.

“I am firmly and fully committing my life and time to become an NFL quarterback,” Murray tweeted.

The former star Oklahoma Quarterback threw for 4,361 yards last season, racking up 42 touchdowns to just seven interceptions on 11.6 yards per attempt. His 199.2 college passer rating last season was the second highest in college football history.

He also led the Sooners to their second College football playoff appearance.

Kyler was also a star outfielder in baseball. He was selected ninth overall by the Oakland Athletics in last year’s MLB draft.

At the time, he agreed to a minor league contract with the Oakland A’s along with a $4.66 million signing bonus.

Most people would have thought after losing to Alabama in the Orange Bowl that Murray would fully commit to Baseball, due to the fact that the MLB has no salary cap. He would have been guaranteed a mega-deal once his rookie contract was up.

Additionally, there have been numerous NFL players who have played both Football and Baseball in their careers.

Players such as Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and Russell Wilson.

Michael Vick was also drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 30th round of the 2000 MLB draft.

“Quarterback is a very demanding position, as is being a Major League baseball player,” said Billy Beane, Oakland’s executive vice president of baseball operations.

With Murray being 5’10 his decision has caused a huge uproar.

“Kyler Murray’s overall size can be an issue,” said ProFootballTalks.

Murray would be the first quarterback at 5’10, or under, to see significant snaps in the pros.

The last quarterback to be drafted under 6’0 was Russell Wilson in 2013. Today he is a Super Bowl champion and a top tier Quarterback in the league.

However, with the NFL combine and draft slowly approaching many are left wondering if he is going to be the first quarterback selected.

ESPN football analyst, Mel Kiper, Jr. currently has Murray going 13th overall the the Miami Dolphins.

Heisman trophy finalist Dwayne Haskins and Dukes’ Daniel Jones are notables quarterbacks that are in the draft pool as well.

With Murray being a Heisman Trophy winner entering the NFL there’s already a lot of pressure on him.

Sam Bradford, Matt Leinhart, Johnny Manziel, Troy Smith, and Robert Griffin III were Heisman trophy winning Quarterbacks who were not successful in the NFL.

Not to mention, Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield, Marcus Mariota, and Lamar Jackson who are successful quarterbacks in the league who have won the Heisman trophy.

Despite the criticism, Kyler Murray is a big time player and do not be surprised if he makes big time plays on a consistent basis in the NFL.