The launch of an black-owned software development company

The launch of an black-owned software development company

Devin Henry, Contributor

Onyx Ocean Technologies, a black-owned software development company, was founded in 2017 by CEO FaLon Thomas and is operated out of its headquarters in Greensboro, NC.

The company specializes in providing cutting-edge software solutions for small businesses and start-ups while also functioning as an enterprise solution for medium and large-scale businesses.

While attending North Carolina A&T State University, Thomas studied business and entrepreneurship. Shortly after, she started Onyx Ocean Technologies after leaving her job as a software engineer. Thomas had experience in web and graphic design and used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to build websites. With this, she decided to create web applications and websites for her friends and family.

She then began to branch out and create mobile applications, websites, and software. As she began to get more referrals she increased her clientele and decided to create her own company as a one-stop shop for clients and customers.

Thomas stated in order to grow her business, she has used what skills and what resources she currently had in able to move forward and establish a foundation.   

“A lot of companies don’t make it two years and the numbers get even worse for companies to survive five years. So yeah, I’m very, very proud. That’s a big milestone for us.” says Thomas.

Thomas believes that you have to put in a proper amount of time to grow a business.

“In order to successfully grow a business, you have to dedicate what time you have,” says Thomas.

Thomas considers Onyx Ocean Technologies a full-time job and is dedicated to growing her business. She believes that when you are working on any project you get what you put into it.

“It’s kind of like college in the sense how you register for your classes but you only show up twice and have a D in the class,” she said. “The person who comes to class every day and studies when they’re supposed to get the better grade.”

Thomas plans to specialize in her business and create more job opportunities for the black community. She plans to create more jobs in the categories of software development, public relations, marketing, business development and many other positions to assist clients.

Her current project is creating a website and personal group called Millionaires Before 30. Through this group, she plans to encourage students and professionals to invest in themselves while also encouraging people to educate themselves in order to create opportunities for future revenue.

Millionaires Before 30 is a group of young entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiast & change-makers cultivating a life of prosperity and abundance,” says Thomas.

Thomas continues to manage and operate Onyx Ocean Technologies and has great plans and vision for the future of the company.

Connect with Onyx Ocean Technologies for software development by emailing them at [email protected] and company website at

If you are interested in joining the Millionaires Before 30 community, check out the website at If you would like you to see how business is growing for Onyx Ocean Technologies and Millionaires Before 30, you can follow Ms. Thomas on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook at FalonTheCeo.