Local consignment shop gives back


Marisa Comer, theCulture Lead Reporter

Located on South Eugene Street is a family owned thrift shop known as “It’s All Good Consignment”. It is run by three members of the Good family: sisters Felicia Clapp and Karen Good Chestnut, as well as Chestnut’s daughter, Ashley Good. It’s All Good is a place where the community can receive second-hand, name brand clothing for an affordable price.

The three women opened their shop in October of 2018. Taking out loans was not an option for them, and they used donations and the money out of their pocket to start the business.

It’s All Good Consignment sells women’s, men’s and children’s clothing as well as accessories, shoes, and home decor. Though the store caters to everyone, they do put a larger focus on clothing for young people.

“Our target audience is everyone. We do have a big advertisement for children. I know that children outgrow their clothes really fast. So instead of spending so much money on clothes, you can get gently-used clothes for a low price.”

Though their business has not been established for long, they have been successful and have received much support from the Greensboro area. They plan to use their company as a way to give back to their community.

“We’re really not in it for the money,” Good says. “We’re in it because we like to help people. We feel like it was necessary to put a clothing store somewhere in the Urban community. It was a good location for people that live or work in the area.”

The business plans to expand as well as be of aid to others via fundraisers, donations, and sponsorships. They strive to work with their community in any way that they can and show that they will support their community, just like their community has supported them.

Though they have come far, Good does admit that starting the business wasn’t the easiest. She states that the most complicated part about wanting to start a business was turning the ideas into a reality.

“A lot of people have goals and talk about stuff, but a lot of people don’t have the courage, the resources, and the means to just step out and do it,” she explains. “That was the difficult part, but once we got the ball rolling, it started to fall in place.”

Good understands that being a business owner requires much dedication and sacrifice because that’s what it will take to keep a business running. What keeps their company alive is their passion and love for what they do.

Good encourages future business owners to be firm in their goals.

“Keep pushing, pray about it, and be passionate. Be very patient, don’t just force things. If it’s meant for you everything should fit like a puzzle,” she says.

Good believes that once you invest in yourself, and see how hard you are working, people will begin to invest in you.

For more information on It’s All Good Consignment Shop, go to their website www.itsallgoodconsignment.com. They can also be found on Instagram @itsallgoodconsignment and their facebook page: @ItsAllGoodConsignmentShop.