Jasmine Brown helps women gain confidence through fitness


Marisa Comer, theCulture Lead Reporter

Jasmine Brown, a senior, pre-med biology student at A&T, serves as a personal trainer, Herbal Life wellness coach and a fitness instructor at A&T’s campus recreation center. The basis of all of this is her passion for fitness and helping others.

Brown was always athletic, participating in sports such as tennis, cheerleading, soccer, basketball and many more. She states that when she got to college her lifestyle had begun to change.

“Once I got to my freshman year, I did not go to the gym. I didn’t look at the gym, I didn’t touch a weight, I was eating whatever I wanted,” she says. “I was in an unhealthy relationship too, so that affected my lifestyle as well.”

At the end of her freshman year, she decided that it was time to get back in shape. Brown began to attend community fit camps through her Herbal Life organization. The leaders of the camp noticed how much she enjoyed being there and motivating others, and began asking her to lead stretches, which led to leading warm-ups.

As her involvement increased within the camp, she knew that she wanted to become a better version of herself so that she could help others do the same. This led to her becoming a personal trainer.

“What I love about fitness, for me, is seeing myself go from one point to another. Like ‘okay, my abs are coming in, my arms are looking a little more toned.’ It makes you feel good,” she explains.

Brown loves to see her client’s confidence boost as they see more results. Brown recognizes that body shaming is at a very high rate right now; however, she uses her group classes as a way to reach many women at one point.

“Body shaming has gotten out of control,” she says. “Social media creates this whole norm of what girls are supposed to look like, what their hair is supposed to be like, how light or how dark their skin should be. People try to make that their standard. I try to break that barrier and help you build that confidence.”

Brown uses her service as a way to uplift and empower women, especially those who are African American, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, while also teaching them how to live a healthier lifestyle.


Brown is currently apart of “Survival of the Fittest,” a training camp put together by her and five other trainers. It was established in the fall semester as a way for her to reach more clients. The training camp lasts for a total of 15 weeks, and this is the first semester of the program, which was successful as it had a total of twenty attendees.

“We just wanted to come up with a way where everyone can be motivated, have multiple trainers so there are several eyes on you at a time to make sure you complete the workout right, monitor your progress and hold you accountable,” she explains.

In the future, Jasmine Brown plans to open multiple facilities such as a gym for personal training as well as a nutrition and self-love center. She also plans to expand her training camps to different schools.

Brown encourages everyone to believe in themselves and show that they are capable of reaching their goals. She believes that in order to help someone else, you have to help yourself first.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started in order to be great. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish—weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance—if you really discipline yourself and put the work in, you can do it,” she encourages.

Jasmine Brown currently has a free Get Fit with Jazz: Total Body Fitness class, through the A&T campus recreation center that is held twice a week. Her one-on-one sessions, workout plans and training sessions all have a fee.

For more information on Jasmine Brown and her fitness programs, visit her website: www.getfitwithjazz.com

She also can be found on Instagram: @jasmineb_fit and Twitter: @JasmineB_Fit.