Reuben Vincent makes his music dream a reality


Jordan Reynolds, Contributor

Reuben Vincent is an 18-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina with a passion for creating music.

Though he is a freshman information technology student, Reuben’s passion for music began early. 

As a child, he would ride around in his father’s 1980 blue Cadillac listening to old-school hip-hop. Still, his mother banned him from watching BET, which only increased his curiosity about music and artists.

At 16-years old, Reuben signed to Jamla Records in 2017, where he met female rap artist, Rapsody. He said he felt like she was the big sister he never had. 

Over the years, Rapsody has motivated him to do more and be greater than what he is today. When he hears her music, it pushes him to keep going, he said. 

Because he is inspired by so many artists, Reuben takes pride in encouraging others to follow their dreams.

“Reuben inspired me to become a better rapper than I was,” said Jamison Speller, Reuben’s best friend of five years.

In the same year, Reuben produced his first album, “Myers Park.” 

“I put what I see and go through in life on paper,” Vincent said.

He expressed that his song, “Chains on Me,” was inspired Today’s ongoing police brutality.  It was written and produced from the perception of someone who was experiencing injustice.

Being at N.C. A&T has inspired him to write about the culture on campus, the black leaders that came before him and the ones who will come after him.

Reuben is releasing his next album soon, which will feature well-known artists. 

However, he is keeping the details a secret.  

“I have some new songs coming out, so be on the lookout around homecoming, Aggies,” he said. 

Reuben’s roommate, Mark Moore, also a freshman business administration student, is a proud friend and enjoys watching him grow.

“Listening to his music and witnessing his talent in the dorm gives me the chance to watch him develop as an artist,” Moore said.

In the last 12 months, Reuben’s music career has expanded greatly.

He was able to travel to Los Angeles with Rapsody while she worked on her newest album, “Eve.” He also recently announced that his song, “No Problems,” would be featured on Madden NFL 20.

When he visited the Electronic Arts (E.A.) office, he overheard them saying they needed original music to be on the soundtrack. So, he received a beat from a friend and started writing a song. 

Reuben met Jay-Z at the Roc Nation Agency while discussing business with one of the directors. A few minutes into the discussion, Jay-Z entered the room to talk about music and basketball.

He describes that moment as the greatest moment of his life. 

“I want to be where Jay-Z, J. Cole, Lil Wayne and Tupac are in music before I am 30 years old,” Vincent said.

He lives by his own motto: “When you have nothing to spare off, you can’t be creative.”