Bag, Secured!

Falesha Brodie, theCulture Editor

Searching for jobs is no easy task. While balancing the responsibility of being a full-time student, Aggies continue to go the extra mile to seek new experiences and secure their futures. 

“Bag, secured!”  highlights Aggies who have earned an internship or full-time offer — the epitome of “Aggies Do!”


Jamesha Lawrence, senior accounting student

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Accounting Intern

 “My goal was to secure the summer early, and that’s what I did. Being able to work for a company like Textron is just icing on the cake,” she said.


Tiana Waters, senior public relations student

N.C. A&T Office of Career Services

Marketing Intern

“This is by far the best campus internship I ever had. I have learned great professional development skills and networked with some really big companies,” she said.


Jonasha Green, senior accounting student

General Electric Aviation 

Finance Management Rotational Program

 “Although I’m nervous to start the new job, I’ve come to terms that it’ll be a life-changing experience. Starting this new job is about experiencing new opportunities, making a change, embracing a new beginning, and creating a future. I’m excited about the journey,” she said.


Imani Strong, senior multimedia journalism student

Angela Rye Inc.

Social Media and Public Relations Intern

“I’m excited to learn from someone who has had so much success within the media world,” she said.


Tania Avera, sophomore finance student

Walt Disney Studios

Finance Intern

“I’ve been wanting to be a part of this program since I was in high school. Disney is one of my happy places, so that just about sums it up,” she said.