Aggie uses talents to bring joy to campus


Courtesy of Emmanuel Ducker.

Morgan Williamson, Contributor

“Making someone smile” is a motto visual arts student Miles Brown lives by every day.

Born in Durham N.C., this aggie strives to bring happiness to his classmates through his paintings, dancing, and music.

Also born into a family of aggies, it was destined for Brown to attend N.C. A&T.

“My entire family went to A&T, I feel like I’m home,” Brown said.

Brown fell in love with art at a young age. Working on cars with his father was the inspiration for his first drawings.

“My dad would see me drawing cars. That’s where I developed a career path from. Talking to my dad about anything that was car related and mixing art and cars together,” Brown said. “In school I also remember my teacher constantly walking back to my table in art class, watching me draw.”

Many A&T students know Brown as “Miles Morales”, since he sometimes sits outside the student center painting in a Spider-Man costume.

“When I first saw his work, I was amazed at this guy’s talent,” said Nolan Martino, sophomore business student. 

For Brown, the love of comic books was the start of his “Miles Morales” persona as Spider-Man.

“My favorite comics were the X-Men books. When the character Miles Morales was introduced to me, it was like he’s black, loves comic books, and he’s Spider-Man,” Brown said. “The appreciation for the character came from the fact that I’m not anybody special. The point of Spider-Man and wearing the mask is that anybody can wear it. Spider-Man is relatable,” he said.

Not only does his art stand out to students on campus, his dancing brings life to the party.

Especially at the annual block party at A&T.

“The block party was fun, but then you look over and see Spider-Man. The party became ten times better with his dancing,” said Brenna Bryant, sophomore fashion student.

Brown learned how to dance early on. When he was young, his favorite style of dance was tap.

“I could always do art, but dancing was something I had to learn and grow with,” Brown said. “I can make anyplace a dance stage.”

Being a man of many talents, Brown also writes his own music. Something he said students will be hearing soon.

“It’s nice seeing Aggies with so much talent,” said Kaya Moore, freshman business student.

Brown plans to continue to spread joy through his art and excel in his talents.

“I try to bring the best out of whatever someone brings me, I love to make someone smile,” Brown said.