Bag, Secured!

Madison Murray, Contributor

Searching for jobs is no easy task. While balancing the responsibility of being a full-time student, Aggies continue to go the extra mile to seek new experiences and secure their futures.

“Bag, secured!”  highlights Aggies who have earned an internship or full-time offer — the epitome of “Aggies Do!”


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ZaKira Rogers, Sophomore



Finance & Accounting Intern

“To be selected after a tough interview process to work for a company that powers technology planes and hospitals is an honor,” she said.


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Brandon Flowers, Sophomore


John Deere

Marketing Intern

“Working with John Deere is an opportunity to execute my responsibilities in an innovative and challenging corporate environment,” she said.


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Kiara Cuthbertson, Sophomore

Information Technology


IT Intern

“They are one of the largest aerospace companies in the world, and I know working with them will bring me so many opportunities and I will learn a number of skills,” she said.