Roberts’ stays resilient on college journey

Roberts' stays resilient on college journey

Photo by courtesy by NC A&T Sports Information

Destiny Williams, theSCORE Social Media Assistant/Reporter

Behind every athlete is a very unique story that plays an imperative role in their development process. Jacob Roberts’ story is different from many, as his story contains previous denials that have resulted in his success. As a freshman, Roberts has already emphasized his notable addition to the Aggie defense.

Roberts’ is currently averaging 12 tackles per game. In October, he earned National Freshman of The Week Honors by the FCS. 

This is no new matter to him, as he was named Most Outstanding Defensive Player for Mallard Creek High School. Not to mention, being invited to the Hawaii Tiki Bowl.

While Roberts’ story is seemingly placed in the right alignment for the ideal athlete success story, he has experienced many trials that have allowed him to be motivated to complete the favorable outcomes of his athletic encounters. 

He is bred from a powerhouse high school in North Carolina which is known for producing impressive talent, Mallard Creek High School in Charlotte, NC. While he completed his senior year in a starting position for Mallard Creek’s defense, his previous years included many unforgettable humbling moments. 

Roberts shared a remarkable tweet earlier this year before his arrival to N.C A&T, he briefly describes the adversities he faced regarding his football career before playing at the collegiate level. 

“From being cut my freshman year, to playing a position I never played sophomore year, to being a backup my junior year, to starting my senior year and accomplishing many goals people doubted me on…,” said by Roberts on Twitter.

In an interview, Roberts elaborates on the fact that his parents and his little league coaches believed in his abilities endlessly and their belief kept him motivated while he was in various uncomfortable places throughout his high school tenure. 

“I just worked hard, stayed the course, and followed God’s path and that’s what got me here and will keep me going,” Roberts said.

Roberts also added he’s grateful for the experiences gained from playing at one of the top powerhouse high schools in the state. 

Although his journey through the program has bought both highs and lows he explains “Coach P and the staff taught me things which gave me an edge on other players, they taught me things that were essential on and off the field and I’m grateful for that.” 

Jacob explains he doesn’t view his situation as playing as a “freshman”, he feels he’s just an asset to the team as everyone else. 

He continues to add that he’s eager in helping the team in any way possible in obtaining its third consecutive Celebration Bowl title, he added “I’ll do what is best for the team, play whatever position coach tells me to play, we just have to stay focused, practice hard and go one hundred and ten percent every day to reach our goal.”

The Aggie fan base has been eagerly watching as Roberts reveals his specialties this season. There is no doubt that Jacob is headed for an exceptionally successful path in football.