N.C. A&T student finds freedom in fashion


Courtesy of Instagram

Jerry Humphrey III, theSCORE Lead Reporter

N.C.A&T produces countless multi-gifted individuals. Arial Robinson, a sophomore multimedia student, is best known around campus for hers. From singing to blogging, Robinson does it all. 

Born and raised in Charlotte, N.C., the middle child of three first found her passion in fashion.

“I’ve been into fashion forever,” Robinson said. “Growing up watching ‘That’s So Raven’ and seeing her intern for a fashion house, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Attending an art school when I was in middle school was a big factor too because it exposed me to a lot of different styles and looks.”

Although she does not plan to continue to make clothes, Robinson previously owned two clothing lines. “Baleciaggie” t- shirts established in 2018 and “ASRCULTURE” established in 2019.

By expressing herself through fashion, she has gained a strong social media presence. Some of her followers appreciate how she expresses herself through fashion and edits her photos. 

“I enjoy looking good,” Robinson said, “because when you look good, you ultimately feel good. Fashion is about being what you want to be. I can be goth and wear all black one day, and the next day I can wear pastels and be pretty.”

Besides social media, she utilizes her blog site to post unique content for the younger demographic. In early October of this year, she launched her website

There, she posts fashion tips, and hair, cosmetic, and personal stories. 

Robinson also has a strong interest in music, she said. She is currently a part of “Know Your Worth” music label (KYW), which is run by students at N.C. A&T and has numerous upcoming projects.

“When I was younger, I dreamed of being just like Beyonce’, but in middle school, I became self-conscious about my voice due to lack of experience compared to others. Joining KYW put me around motivating friends that help me step out of my comfort zone and embrace my voice.”

At 19 years-old, it seems Robinson has had an impact on N.C. A&T and the people around her. 

She was one of many students chosen to represent N.C. A&T at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in October.

“This aggie has many more ideas on the way,” she said.