N.C. A&T students rave about Hamilton film

Director Lin-Manuel Miranda has won three Grammy awards, a Emmy award and three Tony awards.

Director Lin-Manuel Miranda has won three Grammy awards, a Emmy award and three Tony awards.

Kerrington Barnes, theScene Editor

The Broadway musical “Hamilton” is now being exclusively on Disney Plus. Lin-Manuel Miranda retells the story of one of America’s founding fathers Alexander Hamilton. The rap infused musical gives the audience a different take on history. 

The debut of Hamilton on Disney Plus has allowed millions to see the work of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Since the release of the Musical Disney has seen a 72 percent increase in app downloads, according to Deadline.com.

Jordan Hankerson, a rising junior theater student at N.C. A&T was excited that she was able to see the show since she believed she could never afford to see it.

“I was super excited when they announced that Hamilton was coming to Disney Plus, Hankerson said. “I always wanted to see Hamilton on Broadway but could never afford to get tickets to go see it. Now, I finally get to see it!”

Hankerson was amazed by the outcome of the play and loved the little details that Lin Manuel Miranda had to add depth to the play.

“Hamilton was amazing. I have watched Hamilton now three times, and I discover something new every time,” Hankerson said. “I love how they were able to capture the essence of live theatre and translate it on film. One minor detail I loved was the ensemble member known as “The Bullet” (Ariana Debrose). Every character that came in contact with her after she was shot by King George III ended up dying next. That detail was truly amazing to me.”

Lastly, Hankerson said the film motivated her.

“The impact this musical had on me was tremendous. Being that Broadway is dark for the rest of the year, it made me so sad and uninspired creatively to do anything,” Hankerson said. “Broadway is the career route I wish to take; I cannot do anything in my craft until next year. I was truly sad and unmotivated. Seeing Hamilton reignited a flame that I had been missing for months.”

Taylor Mitchell, a rising junior environmental science student at N.C. A&T, was not impressed the first time she watched Hamilton but had a change of heart when she watched it again.

“The first time I watched it during the Twitter watch party. If I’m being honest, I didn’t like it. It got a lot of backlash because of the conversation of slavery and all these men and their roles in slavery,” Mitchell said. “I guess Twitter influenced my opinion on it. So, I gave it a few days and tried it again. I watched it again and became obsessed with it and became so infatuated with the cast.”

Lastly, Taylor Mitchell tells us about the character that stood out with her

“Can we talk about George Washington and his song “History has its eyes on you?” That is talent,” Mitchell said. “Hamilton had a cast of talented people. These are professionals and you can just tell that by how the songs were written out. You could tell that everyone cared for the creator of the cast.”

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